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It’s 2013. I am getting into my maglev vehicle surrounded by an air cushion cabin, on my way to a Global Warming Initiative Conference that has already begun, as I participate while the vehicle drives me to my destination. Why go anywhere? There is still a craving for one-on-one and group in-person conversation.

After the meeting we’ll discuss travel to the SPACEX Moonbase Alpha. There, we’ll engage the alien species who have contacted us and want to help us convince the twelve humans left who believe in organized religion to relinquish their hold on the past and move into the future. Life is good. My brain scan chip is writing a novella of my memories today to gift to friends. The motto of the times?

“Easy Does It”. Man, do I adore the future, here, today.


It’s only words…

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Enough with catchy words…really really over it.
Like, the latest word to spread its seed across the literary land…POLYMATH.
Apparently, anyone who is the least multi-talented can now be classified as a
This rebirth of overused wordity sprung forth from the relentless prevalent phrase “sea change” years back, quickly followed by “pushing the envelope” and then an onslaught of thought-free pilfered phrases and words that soon came to mean nothing, just mind-numbing repetition. I picture some sod sitting in a dimly lit room with an incandescent bulb and 2.75 magnification readers flipping through a well-worn copy of Roget’s Thesaurus and silently shouting “Eureka!” the next punditry hit is- blah, blah… This discovered text, now inevitably destined to shape modern usage, will invariably end up on the cutting room floor of post-hip flotsam (or is it jetsam, phrase #23 1947) and destined to be cringe-worthy for the next century -at least. I loathe these trendoid words and phrases. Now, if I could just stop using hyphenated words in every other sentence, followed by endless elipses, then perhaps I too could have some street cred. Writers! Boy, do they suck.