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Church Mice Children

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Sure, there’s poor and then there’s poorer. But even though stats tell us the world currently has the lowest percentage of poverty since history began, I sure have a lot of friends without funds. Like, lots. And statistics also tell us 41% of Americans have less than one thousand dollars in savings. Yep, one thousand dollars.

Voracious spending accounts for some of that lack of future planning, but also, well, the cost of living is through the roof. I know, you’re thinking, but inflation is so so so low. Well, if we go by straight numbers, yeah, but stagnant wage increases for decades now coupled with impossible rents or home purchase prices make it impossible to blame this lack of saving on eBay purchases. Just, not.

So what’s to do? EAT THE RICH comes to mind: their delicate flesh-unsullied by labor outside of Equinox Gym, makes for great, tasty morsels between meals. Dried for beef jerky, they also make a fine Burning Man accompaniment.

A more practical solution, however, might be to RISE UP WOKE and march on…everything.  First, the #NRA has got to go. This thug like, terrorist org must be held accountable Winchester Mystery House style, charged under the Rico Act for undermining our society, weaponizing our cities and towns and villages, and bribing Congress, particularly Republicans. But, all Congresspersons. ACTION TIME!

That action scenario includes organizing to TAKE BACK WASHINGTON from the corrupt hands of the  paid off career pols, the ones who are worth tens of millions of dollars, yet their income source is…suspect at best. Time to get MONEY out of POLITICS and overturn Citizens United. The US government should sponsor each presidential frontrunner –  including independents- with a flat fifty million dollar stipend. If Russia can turn an entire US election for less than that, well, we should at least be that smart. At least.

Local and state elections? Lesser numbers, same concept. Money out of politics is the lynchpin to this entire democracy. And, after we KILL ALL THE LAWYERS as Willy suggests, we go after THE LOBBYISTS. In its current iteration, what an odious profession. Sure, ACLU and IPP have lobbyists, working for the greater good, but all lobbyists should face tighter restrictions. Does anyone think this system doesn’t lend itself to corruption?

Remember how the Tea Party lied to Americans, stating they had no social agenda? Remember how NONE of us fell for that? Well, those chickens came  home, and now it’s time for chicken soup. Let’s feed our souls, restore the Republic for which we stand, and get this country back on the right track, a track that includes single payer health care, drawing down from endless wars, beefing up public education and not robbing it of funds, registering voters, and getting a constructive dialog back in politics. Stat. Time is of the essence, duty NOW for the FUTURE!



Trump – A Last Gasp of Fascism?

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It’s easy to imagine, without the collusion of our enemies, that the last gasp of fascism as personified by the Alt Right and fringe of the Republican Party would have little or no impact. Small in aggregate numbers, these throwback retrogressives would have far less impact if not for Russian and other foreign influence. Groups that espouse hatred and racism are given a platform by semi-legitimate (or in the case of Breitbart, illegitimate) “fake news” outlets masquerading as popular journalistic resources. In fact, they are shill propaganda organs of the extreme agenda of a cowardly few.

All those tin hat crackpots, the one that claim the Vegas shooter was a librul, Hillary bot plant these pathetic stories to rile up their base, and their base is undereducated enough to fall for this ongoing ruse. It’s as if the Star or National Enquirer became a trusted news source, FOX “News” gospel. All the hallmarks of conservative agendas have come to roost in such a pathetic course that of course they elicit the most salacious of headlines, distracting the masses of progressives (the large majority of this country, gerrymandering aside) with tweets and Facebook posts that leave us incredulous, while bill after bill and executive order after executive order (more from Drumpf in one year than all the Obama years combined, orders Drumpf decried from our last competent president) slip past us, further eroding our civil rights.

My father, a brave American who fought in three of our wars, decried the idiocracy under W, denounced elective wars, and thankfully saw the election of Barrack Obama and not the Russia-sponsored coup that brought us the most hateful, incautious regime in US history.

IMG_6156.jpgWhat to do? Article 25, the RICO Act against the entire administration, the removal of security clearance for Ivanka and Jared, who have used private email servers while on government business to no outcry from the Republican Party. If all else fails, it’s time to March on Washington en masse, by the million, and literally create OCCUPY DC until the job is done. Stay tuned.


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It’s 2013. I am getting into my maglev vehicle surrounded by an air cushion cabin, on my way to a Global Warming Initiative Conference that has already begun, as I participate while the vehicle drives me to my destination. Why go anywhere? There is still a craving for one-on-one and group in-person conversation.

After the meeting we’ll discuss travel to the SPACEX Moonbase Alpha. There, we’ll engage the alien species who have contacted us and want to help us convince the twelve humans left who believe in organized religion to relinquish their hold on the past and move into the future. Life is good. My brain scan chip is writing a novella of my memories today to gift to friends. The motto of the times?

“Easy Does It”. Man, do I adore the future, here, today.


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LGBT RUSSIA LAW 69! As you may know I have been to Russia for my film projects, and have been reporting back for  The new “Gay Propaganda” law conflating homosexuality with child abuse is a travesty designed to distract from a failing economic policy of the Putin administration. Our LGBTQ activist friend in Russia Mike Thomas (westernized moniker of his actual identity, Mikhael Tumasov) translates the law for us here: (excuse grammatical translation errors–text is largely accurate)  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY to the draft federal law “On Amending Article 69 of the Family Code The Russian Federation” In accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 63 of the Family Code Federation  (hereinafter-the Code), parents are responsible for the upbringing and development of their children. They are obliged to take care of the health, physical, mental, spiritual and moral development of their children. Furthermore, Paragraph 1 of Article 65 of the Code establishes general rules for the implementation parental rights, which can not be in contradiction with the children’s interests. Fulfilling their parental rights, parents are not allowed to harm the physical and mental health of children, their moral development. The methods of raising children should exclude neglectful, cruel or degrading treatment, abuse or exploitation of children. In a literal sense, Code requires parents of minor children do possible to form a complete person, as in the physical and in the spiritual sense. It requires educate the child traditional family values, loyalty to the Fatherland, respect for the older generation, and many other common human values by life lessons, and sometimes by examples. The family, as the fundamental group unit of society, is the first and the most important development institution and education of the child. Unfortunately, experience shows that often the parents are not in full volume fulfill the responsibilities of raising children, depriving them of moral compass, and sometimes material support. In most cases, the reason for this is alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity and immoral lifestyle. In such environment the child can not fully develop, obtain necessary support and counsel from parents. As a result, it is the reason for the low level of development, the degradation of the individual child and deviant behavior. Timely assistance to such a child from the State can correct his education by transferring to foster care, the care of relatives or the relevant institution. Implement this assistance is only possible after the deprivation parental rights, allowing the child to fence off immoral way the lives of his parents or one of them. Thus, in accordance with Article 69 of the Code of parents may be deprived parental rights in cases where they are: shirk responsibilities of parents, including the willful refusal to pay child support; refuse without good reason to take their child out of Maternity Hospital  (department) or from other medical institutions educational institutions, social protection of the population, or of similar organizations; abuse their parental rights; mistreated children, including physical exercise or mental violence against them, infringe their sexual integrity; are suffering from chronic alcoholism or drug addiction; committed an intentional crime against the life or health of the children or against the life or health of the spouse. Of the above list shows that the main reasons for the deprivation parental rights lie in the plane of antisocial lifestyle drastically differing from the traditional values of the Russian State. They are all negatively affect the psyche of the child and not can serve as a model for education. The other most important institution is the education of children society, which forms the identity of the child in later life, protecting it from unwanted exposure and negative information. Thus, for example, the Federal Law of 29.0613 № 115- FZ” On Amending the Article 5 of the Federal Law” On Protection of children from information harmful to their health and development,” and some legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in order to protect children from information advocating rejection of traditional family values,” (hereinafter-Act) protects children from the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations, information on which is extremely dangerous for the fragile psyche child and is able in the future to break his sexual self-determination. Following the letter of the law, such propaganda is banned not only in the media media, but also in the family. On the basis of the explanatory note Law” propaganda of non-traditional family relationships dangerous for children and young people, is not capable of a critical attitude to the avalanche information that falls on them, every day. “Also justification of the Act states that: “The family, motherhood and childhood in their Traditionally, the ancestors of the perceived understanding are those values that provide a continuous alternation of generations, act for the preservation and development of the multinational people of the Russian Federation, and therefore require special protection from the state. The legitimate interests of minors are important social value, with a goal of public policy for children is to protect them from the factors that negatively affect their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development. Paragraph 1 of Article 14 of the Federal Law of 24.07.1998 № 124- FZ” On basic guarantees of children’s rights in the Russian Federation” right provides that the authorities of the Russian Federation to take measures to protect the child from information, advocacy and agitation, harmful to their health, moral and spiritual development.” This administrative liability imposed by law, provides not for the fact of homosexual rights, and only for the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships among Minors. On this basis , it appears that in the case of one of the assumptions parents of a child sexual contact with persons of the same sex, harm , which may be caused psyche own child is huge and not can be measured by the Code of Administrative Violations, as a mother or father is a role model for example their child. In confirmation of this is provided by the Research Doctor of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin (USA) Mark Regnus that from 2010 to 2012 analyzed psychological characteristics of young people whose parents had same-sex relationships. The research, which was attended by about 3000 thousand people. showed that only 60-70% of the respondents identified themselves as completely heterosexual, with more than 90% of people who raised in traditional families, referred to as a fully heterosexual. Among other results of the study include: 1. Elevated levels of sexually transmitted diseases among the studied persons  (about 25% of the respondents, those from traditional families-8%); 2. Risk of suicide (about 25%, those of the traditional family – 5%); 3. Socio-economic helplessness (28%-the unemployed , is that in traditional families – 8 %); 4. Disorder of sexual self-orientation (see above); 5. The inability to store family loyalty (40% of the respondents individuals, 13%-the traditional family). The results of these studies have been thoroughly tested independent experts and not in doubt. in analyzing the research scientist, should provide statistical data characterizing parameters of the test questions. Since the estimated Russian experts in the number of people with different sexual orientation about 5-7% (for large cities the percentage is slightly higher). At least a third part of them are children. Based on this fact and the above arguments , the present bill proposes to add to article 69 of the Family Code Russian Federation with a new paragraph, in accordance with which grounds for termination of parental rights would be the fact of gay parents or one of them.  There you have it: a scary law based on faulty science and trumpeting The Fatherland.


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Gayest Oscars™ ever! Seth McFarlene is what America needs most. He skews our culture, sure but bottom (no pun whatever…) line is, he is an honorary Friend of Dorothy. Attending a screening party in Hollywood hosted by ANNIE WOOD and PETER SCARPELLI it became abundantly clear, Hollywood is now and forever QUEER QUEER QUEEZR! a Billion people worldwide get it…or are at least exposed to it…freedom. FREE to think and feel and ACT and appreciate the subtle differences offered by life as a thinking, sentient being. Despite the lame presenter repartee (Bruce Villanche, where were ye?) to the inevitable realization and of course owing to the fact that in general acting is an affected art designed to entertain and enlighten simultaneously–the show was GAY GAY GAY and that’s OKAY! When will we finally thank our straight friends and move on culturally to a level where we all just hug and laugh and yes, cry together? My friends of all persuasions, I for one, think that that time has come!!!


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Drunken slobs on Paycheck Fridays at the oft-lampooned LA Police Academy, resulting in the DUI death of a young motorcycle officer, wrapping his bike around a post.

LAPD sting operations against gay men in the bushes bordering Weho. The Moreno Valley flack jacket and armed invasion of black-owned barber shops ostensibly for licensing violations. Gay bar patrons harassed and beaten. A homeless women armed with only a screwdriver and obviously mentally disturbed shot like carnival target.

I hereby volunteer to change the course and direction of my colorful life for a new goal:

Teaching sensitivity to men and women in uniform. Not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but in the streets and cars and bedrooms of America, where overzealous and under-trained cops seem to overreact more often than not.

I was recently able to pose a question to new LAPD CHIEF CHARLIE BECK about the above referenced entrapment of gay men, and how LAPD jut didn’t get it. Neither did the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department, I opined, until we throttled them a bit and got some response…Beck pledged to work toward interagency cooperation, and gosh, I think he really means it. There’s no reason that these organizations aren’t all on the same big, fat, recycled page, the page with large typeface easy to read by all with no subtext and no connotations. Just the facts, ma’am and those facts are that well, let’s not shoot to kill every sing time, or get the wrong address in a raid, or assume guilt based on skin color or location, among other obvious factors.

Imagine, for a moment, you are a black man, established in the

African American community, and bursting in your doorway, ready to haul you off to the hoosegow. The era of water cannons and lynching might well reside in the memory banks of this barber: certainly the history of the struggle is not forgotten.

Perhaps it would be wise to enter with the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology inspectors, ask to see the requisite paperwork, and then act accordingly. I know, that gleaming black leather, shiny firearms and polished badge make it hard to resist leaning on people and using that might. That’s where the training comes into play. That’s where Chief Beck’s Community Policing policy comes into play. Sorry, Gates, it is broke and we do have to fix it. You’re old school and it’s a new era, an era where we work together for the common good, not uncommon greed and power. See you in time for Police Academy 8, or whatever number they’re up to. In this one, there’s less to laugh at, and more to laugh with.

A Poem

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Route 66 Sunday Morning 106 Degrees

The Ford door flies open propelled

massive greasy head of hair falls out

head smashed tight onto the gravel

door swings back hits head hard

settles against ear squeal ringing

aching jaw just cracked with fist

of crazed shirtless tattooed driver

raw anger alive in clenched form

shot with unnerving force


brown greasy bag hits pavement

shatters – a muffled smash

hands yank at jeans

in pockets like a hundred wired snakes

few crumpled bills, not ten dollars

snatched as desert water, gone, gone

boot push on crotch as shoulders fall from ford

next rump then legs and a final

kick from a scuffed heel

dust tires screeching silence

hot desert all around waiting

for the buzzard dance

boots akimbo