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A fantastic set again from the Amazing


Her quartet of accomplished musicians Blond Moondust, including amazing drummer BOOMBOOM
kept the vibe very, very jazzy as Ms. T went through her standards crooning in a voice at once reminiscent of Billie, Edith, Marlene and even Genya Ravan. Falling In Love Again was captivating and as the classics poured forth, My Funny Valentine reminded us (as did TEQUILA) that she became engaged on Valentine’s Day! Host Egor at
Isla Cantina on the Sunset Strip was swept away into another world by her performance…and the guests by the ambience, cuisine and locale. Stay posted for more performances by this most accessible, yet arcane, of divas.
Rumor has it she’ll be performing at the SOLAR THE SIGN
benefit @ ISLA CANTINA on March 27th.

Rebel Rebel Without Applause

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Every January 10th I wear a red sock on my left foot and and a black on my right, just like Plato in Rebel Without A Cause. The film just screened at the Arclight, and my smart newish friend Daniel Wehr ( loves this film, as do I. We were mesmerized for the entire duration, and I found it difficult to peel my eyes away from the commanding visage of James Dean. His brave performance in this Republican era of American conservatism has to be honored as daring and brilliant. A suffering boy, unsure of why he is a misfit and what to do about it, resonates with me in ways I cannot say. When he says the line I use almost weekly, “You’re tearing me apart!” with the look of drunken, complete anguish filling the screen, chills run rampant. His kiss with Natalie Wood is so genuine and sensual, I was actually (ALERT: TMI MOMENT) physically aroused and hung with the image for a good long while. 

Sal Mineo, Plato in the film, was killed a day before his 40th birthday in an apparent robbery attempt-though some say gay lover incident- just a few blocks from my home at Villa Allegra on Laurel Avenue here in West Hollywood.
Tragedy seems to follow the famous, and every star associated with this film died before their time, in a gruesome way. A curse? Not likely. Just a sad fact of the excess endemic to the life of a megawatt star. 

As Your (Shadow) President

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President Oldenkamp. Doesn’t roll off the tongue so well. But this isn’t about image. It’s about how I–as your president–plan to turn around the USA.


First, thank you for not voting Republican. If there ever was a noble aspect to that party, well, that’s a distant memory. It’s the Land of the Selfish White Man and needs a major overhaul. Witness the link to the Judiciary Committee. Contrast the Republicans on the RIGHT of course to the Dems on the LEFT. 
It’s time to set some rules here. 
1. Universal Health Care. Period. End of Story. If you want elective or VIP service, pay accordingly. Everyone else, cover us and cover us now, encourage medicine in schools, and fund stem cell and other state of the art r & d. 
2. Schools. Fix ’em. Pay teachers. Bring back the arts. Public schools are our lifesblood.
3. Gays in the Military. Guess what? They’re already there. So, leave ’em alone. As your C0mmander-In-Chief, I will not allow bigotry in the armed forces. 
4. Gay Marriage. Not a threat to anyone. Opposition to gay marriage is opposition to all marriage. Think about it. 
5. Marijuana. Legalize it. Make the swab test or blood test a police tool to combat hard core stoned drivers. That should be the only restriction. Tax it like hell and pay for our crumbling infrastructure while getting the criminals out of our forests. Win, win, win.
6. Nuclear Weapons and Power. Buh-bye. Why risk the entire planet for an energy source or cataclysmic weapon? It’s beyond crazy. People all over Europe are still metastasizing the fallout from Chernobyl. It’s forever, people. Harness the winds, tides and sun. 
7. Immigration. We have ten guest worker programs already on the books in the U.S. Enforce them, pay workers a proper wage, and if we pay fifty cents more for a head of lettuce, it’s still a lot cheaper than a gallon of gas. 
8. The U.N. Beef it up. Give it some juice. Make it the world defender, not us. Let’s work on things here at home.
Thanks, and I look forward to your vote for my SHADOW PRESIDENCY 
this November.
Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, Hollywood, July 2008