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Meddlesome Utah

Posted in gay marriage, Mormon, Prop 8, Robert Redford, Sundance, Utah on October 10, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Forget about working within- Mormons have spent a fortune to try and pass the hateful Prop 8 here in California. Out of state forces of darkness wish to deny the right of equal marriage under the law to citizens of our fair Golden State. 

It’s time to respond, and send a letter or make a call to the state capital in Salt Lake City.

It’s time to tell Robert Redford to cancel Sundance this year in protest. Cancel it. Make them realize that they are completely out of sync with the current prevailing sentiment in this great, modern country of ours. The LGBTQ community now so prevalent in Salt Lake City needs to protest these actions by lobbyists for the Mormon Church. It’s a sin. Plain and simple, action must be taken. Our Hollywood dollars do not need to be spent in that state…not until they stop their hateful agenda against the rights of ordinary citizens. Shame on them and theirs. Clear thinking Mormons also need to contact the Church and protest. I cannot believe as a bloc they are all filled with this terrible prejudice. Let’s let sanity prevail.

In Defense of Gay Marriage

Posted in alimony, cake, gay marriage, homo, icing, lesbian, tux on May 15, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Amazingly, the California Supremes have reversed the Defense of Marriage legislation, effectively ending written discrimination in our state constitution. That is, until the November referendum rears its ugly head again with some version of the same hateful ruling as before. The basis of the decision: straight marrieds are already protected, and LGBTQ marriage does not threaten the status quo, but current law denies a large population bloc comparable rights.

Marriage offers over a thousand benefits singles in our society do not have. These incentives are written into law to keep families together and stable. It’s not working, look around. Lesbians seem to have longer lasting relationships. This writer knows lots of gay men in LTRs. Now, when they split, it’s divorce is they did indeed marry. Oh yes, there will be alimony.

In this country where we are told some white guys would rather die than have an African American President, a national consensus on upholding gay marriage seems a few years off. But this is a glorious step for us.

Now, I am off to Santa Monica Boulevard in Boystown to celebrate with my queer pals and the sensible folk who love them. I’ll have a shot for ya.

Stonewall Democrats In Your Face

Posted in gay marriage, lesbian, los angeles, same-sex marriage on February 26, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Stonewall Democrats really can rock. Reverend Troy Perry spoke about the early days of the movement and the ongoing struggle for same-sex marriage. 

A google of gay marriage california brings up first choice as “Beautiful Seaside Wedding” so it seems the party planners and resorts are on board. 1300 benefits accorded to married people should not be kept for a select portion of society. One can argue, these advantages should be eliminated entirely, as they are enticements to keep couples married and in fact discriminate against the domestic partnerships and longtime singles prevalent in America today.
Me? Who needs same-sex marriage? I don’t want it. However, who’s to say that won’t change some day…and I will want to tie the knot with the love of my life. Until then, I am now proudly on the bandwagon. Let’s just hope right wing lunatics don’t make it a campaign issue, but then again, let’s stand up and face the noise.