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GOSH they’re such NICE guys n gals they get STOMPED ON left n right.
Mostly right.
I think if OBAMA had not been swayed by trying so hard to stay the course his advisers suggested, we’d be:
In less debt
Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan
Calling a Loya Jurga for all Muslims to confront worldwide opinion against radicalism
Working a Peace Corps angle for American youth.

Seems almost every single security/military type is a holdover.
The photo op with
Republican Presidents Bush 43 and Clinton
(you read that right) over Haiti was sickening.
The man who allowed the fiasco after Katrina should not share a photo op at the White House he helped trash.
He should fade into ignominy.
SO NOW the majority is lost in the Senate, even though it barely matters as the Dems let the Healthcare reform bill whittle away to the size of a small band-aid™.
Maybe we need a Teddy ROOSEVELT, not an FDR.
I don’t have the answer, and apparently no one else does either.
I have laughed at Becknpalin et al for months now, but it seems this lunatic fringe of a marginalized party is not causing mass defections after all. PROOF that a bevy of self-centered non-compassionate users run the ‘Pubs and have since my birth, at least.


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So lovely to be in HERE in West Hollywood on Primary Night and catch the vibe, as political wonks and junkies filled the lounge with incessant chatter and wonkery. State politicos like Uber-Mensch Assemblyman Mike Feuer and the steadfast public servant Paul Koretz spoke of issues of interest to the Stonewall democrats gathered around the plasma screens and cocktails.

Jean Dobrin, doyenne of Weho and ethics Goddess extraordinnaire said it best: “I bet 35% of America thinks tonight is the actual election!” although with great pride as an early supporter I reveled in the strength of Obama’s showing. Wheeeeee! Weho Councilman Jeff Prang shared a support of Barack, with Jeff finding some of Hillary’s voting record shameful. Funny to have the media shoot Allegra Allison, Jeff and your writer for the press-tongues will wag.

I now remember why I don’t give a fig about sports on TV: this challenge was so, so, much more entertaining.