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GOSH they’re such NICE guys n gals they get STOMPED ON left n right.
Mostly right.
I think if OBAMA had not been swayed by trying so hard to stay the course his advisers suggested, we’d be:
In less debt
Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan
Calling a Loya Jurga for all Muslims to confront worldwide opinion against radicalism
Working a Peace Corps angle for American youth.

Seems almost every single security/military type is a holdover.
The photo op with
Republican Presidents Bush 43 and Clinton
(you read that right) over Haiti was sickening.
The man who allowed the fiasco after Katrina should not share a photo op at the White House he helped trash.
He should fade into ignominy.
SO NOW the majority is lost in the Senate, even though it barely matters as the Dems let the Healthcare reform bill whittle away to the size of a small band-aid™.
Maybe we need a Teddy ROOSEVELT, not an FDR.
I don’t have the answer, and apparently no one else does either.
I have laughed at Becknpalin et al for months now, but it seems this lunatic fringe of a marginalized party is not causing mass defections after all. PROOF that a bevy of self-centered non-compassionate users run the ‘Pubs and have since my birth, at least.

The Specter/Spector phenom.

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The Specter/Spector phenom.

Sure it’s a stretch, but the spectre of these two men and their transformations is startling.
First Phil Spector, genius savant of the recording industry, let’s his demons get the better of him, and pays the price. Life in jail. Mansion gone. Reputation destroyed. His twisted power game, flaunted for decades and never censored from female victims to John Lennon. Power gone mad.

The Republican Party. Power gone mad. Idealogues refusing to strike a note of compromise on any issue, drunk with previous power and now marginalized to a fringe fanatic base. Party gone.
the Grand Old Party is now not so much a party as a warm beer shared among a few pathetic out of touch old men.  
Result: good men like Arlen Specter– a moderate and sensible man-moves toward a pragmatic reality and for reasons both philosophical and self serving, defects to the Democrats to help achieve his essential agenda, from health care and health research funding to fighting poverty. 

The IRONY is that Republicans, before being hijacked by the Religious Right (not all religious people are right wing, btw) stood for principles of protecting the individual and boosting those who have a desire to excel. Subversion under serial divorce diva Newt Gingrich and bloviating fatheads like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have tilted the direction to the dark side of self interest over human compassion. The price to be payed is ostracization from the American people, who more and more understand that Democratic ideals of compassion run hand in hand with the philosophy of religious caring and concern for all God’s peoples. Such that there is a god up there somewhere. Another issue for another day. 

Fine Endangered Macassar Ebony Waterboard Reserved for RUSH LIMBAUGH

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Let’s hold Rush Limbaugh‘s fat ass off his oceanfront mansion balcony until he effin gets it. What a putz! Drug addled idiot who by his own standards should be in jail. That he has listeners- dwindling, I am sure- at all is a miracle. It’s as though some creature from the Spanish Inquisition has reincarnated in the obese husk of a pasty white throwback Golum-like bile filled monster.

No doubt Limbaugh’s fat ass would be on a velvet pillow dropping a gavel on great thinkers (Read: liberals) in the  age of the Catholic Church Vendetta against Freedom. Or better yet, the bloated “Vizier” whispering conspiratorially into the King’s left ear…Gawd, it’s one thing to be on the opposing side of history. It’s quite another to be so completely out of step with modern thinking that a total one sided view of every macro basis of modern life is under question by a quack pundit hack who spews bile at every turn. To want OBAMA to fail? He is a horse’s ass. Phil Hendrie may have a legit claim that certain liberals did want Bush to fail in Iraq- although I think, like me, they didn’t want failure, the price of blood and treasure being so unimaginable…just closure and move on. We certainly didn’t want failure in Afghanistan, another war we didn’t need, one that diplomacy might well have been able to stabilize. We’ll never know.
It’s troubling that Limbaugh now claims Obama is going to kill talk radio. What? A voice of dissent is one thing, but a hate-filled–and possibly racist, if we dig deep–jerk with a moronic following should be happy he has any platform whatsoever. I would love, personally, to march lockstep with jackbooted comrades and Republican Guard mercenaries onto his acreage and abduct him, waterboard his bloated excess and watch him squirm like a minnow-er, sperm whale- as his precious rights are shed by the very dicta he chooses to live by. But that’s just me. He’s lucky I am a liberal. This bloviated Fat Bastard needs to look deeply into the mirror, reassess his life, and move in to the light, away from the dank stank of his corpulent mind. It’s not too late.
Even he can call Richard Simmons, Ram Dass and a few other clairvoyants and get his fetid shit together. Okay, I spoke my piece. Please forward this to him, and ask him to call me anytime to discuss. Cell direct 323.252.8907

Bush Legacy: Lies, Corruption, Murder

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Partisan Politics and the Religious Right/Bush Legacy

…could we be more optimistic in these dangerous times? When that shriveled old church lady Cecily Tyson stood up from the stands at the Obama Inauguration and started praisin‘ the lord it was a clear reminder that this day meant much to many and everything to some. As a kid my earliest tv memory was the funeral cortege for Kennedy, the constant drum roll, the wagon moving up the avenue, the stark black and white imagery, a nation mourning its loss. To witness this glorious time in US history, this “Post-racial” time, when the white majority is destined to become simply another minority is an absolute highlight of my life, up there with being blessed with cool family and friends like Steve Sillay. It’s all good, and I hate to utter the name Bush again in this lifetime, although for many throughout the world it is a name they can never forget, directly responsible for the carnage, mayhem and death that entered their lives needlessly and for which this great land can never fully apologize. War crimes tribunals should be set up to prosecute the PNAC mob of RICO monsters who held this country hostage and decimated our blood and treasure for the sake of the egos of a few men who have never fought in war and whose armchair antics can never be justified. Heads should roll so future power brokers will realize their actions are not without consequence. Impeachment is too late now. It’s time for the courts to make men accountable, as they are in all levels of society and government, else this lawless behavior rear its jaundiced head again and further destroy the very fabric of humankind. Let us not forget, in this time of joy, those who have suffered and those who have paid the ultimate price for the callous dogma of a corrupt few.

Obama Hates Gay People

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Sayonara Obama

Screw cooperation. There should not be a religious leader doing a convocation at the inaugural. 
It’s inappropriate. Someone professing thanks to Jesus means nothing to me. It exclusionary and divisive. Keep your dogmatic beliefs at home. They’re not welcome in a political atmosphere. And while we’re at it, let’s ditch the Bible swearing in part. It reeks of and drips with religion. Perhaps more appropriate would be holding a nice, bound copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. In America We Trust. Now, at least…although I think the shameless pandering by Obama with some of his choices irritates me. 

When West Hollywood homos had a woody for Hillary, I argued that Bill was not our friend and she was his advisor. After all, he dropped the ball on gays in the military by backing down on discrimination WHILE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of all the armed forces. Incredible, leaving us with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fired translators and lives ruined. How about DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act? This odious act has and will ruin lives deep into the future. Thanks, Billary.

Then there’s the Queen of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stone’s Best Voice of the Rock Era, who will be wrapped in electroshocked skinned pelts stitched into a cover. Should I bring a spray paint can as well> This queen might get a one-time pass from me.

OBAMA Doesn’t like gay people. Because he’s black, and blacks are religulous. They in general appropriated a White Jesus from another culture and ran with it, sublimating the pantheon of West African gods as Christian Saints (Voudoun) and out Jesusing the white folks. The big fatal flaw here is that Bible is a tool for literalists, and that’s what the AME and other churches have done, love the sinner: hate the sin. In general African Americans do not equate the right of LGBT people to marry with interracial marriage. They don’t and you can’t make them, no matter how much outreach is planned. It’s a fatal flaw of the conceit that those who suffered must fight against bigotry toward others. Look at black leaders: sans Chisholm and Bond, we have a room full of pontificating preachers. Am I painting an entire community with an overly broad brush? Admittedly, yes, but I have the Prop 8 voting record facts to back up this assertion. The solution? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll have to decide between throwing donuts at gay hata Warren or shoes at somebody else. Decisions, decisions.

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say wha?

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I feel like my life’s come full circle, from being an Army™ Brat™ with black friends as a kid and listening to Motown with great love (Cloud Nine? Are you KIDDING?? Masterpiece) to getting pulverized by four black youths in Liemert Park a decade ago. (Upcoming story blog soon) and now President-Elect Obama. Wow, my close proximity to the African-American community has been intense and spectacular. And now this, the rehabilitation of the US as a nation, THE nation, the great everything, Satan if you will, Salvation if you will as well. 

Now Obama can repair the damage, and his cabinet will support him as well.
We have a new STAR for the AGES, an obsidian addition to Mount Rushmore like no other. Teddy out, Obama in, thank you Dan Gilvezan.
Now if we could keep those awful awful meddlesome cultists masquerading as Christians from Utah from interfering with California’s laws…THEIR idea of marriage is a little, well OFF in my view, dontchathimk? Prop ROY sez no interfering or funds from other states into Cali