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Trump – A Last Gasp of Fascism?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 13, 2017 by kilroyrogers

It’s easy to imagine, without the collusion of our enemies, that the last gasp of fascism as personified by the Alt Right and fringe of the Republican Party would have little or no impact. Small in aggregate numbers, these throwback retrogressives would have far less impact if not for Russian and other foreign influence. Groups that espouse hatred and racism are given a platform by semi-legitimate (or in the case of Breitbart, illegitimate) “fake news” outlets masquerading as popular journalistic resources. In fact, they are shill propaganda organs of the extreme agenda of a cowardly few.

All those tin hat crackpots, the one that claim the Vegas shooter was a librul, Hillary bot plant these pathetic stories to rile up their base, and their base is undereducated enough to fall for this ongoing ruse. It’s as if the Star or National Enquirer became a trusted news source, FOX “News” gospel. All the hallmarks of conservative agendas have come to roost in such a pathetic course that of course they elicit the most salacious of headlines, distracting the masses of progressives (the large majority of this country, gerrymandering aside) with tweets and Facebook posts that leave us incredulous, while bill after bill and executive order after executive order (more from Drumpf in one year than all the Obama years combined, orders Drumpf decried from our last competent president) slip past us, further eroding our civil rights.

My father, a brave American who fought in three of our wars, decried the idiocracy under W, denounced elective wars, and thankfully saw the election of Barrack Obama and not the Russia-sponsored coup that brought us the most hateful, incautious regime in US history.

IMG_6156.jpgWhat to do? Article 25, the RICO Act against the entire administration, the removal of security clearance for Ivanka and Jared, who have used private email servers while on government business to no outcry from the Republican Party. If all else fails, it’s time to March on Washington en masse, by the million, and literally create OCCUPY DC until the job is done. Stay tuned.