Spectacle. Like the Follies Bergere school of spectacle. A spectacular. In the grand tradition of LIBERACE, NINA HAGEN, SARAH BRIGHTMAN , Genesis Lamb Lies Down era Peter Gabriel,

Diamanda Galás and a slew of shamen and wizards throughout history, GRACE JONES CONQUERED THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL and made us all slaves to her rhythm. Playing dynamic new tracks from the current album HURRICANE, Ms. Jones blew the roof off the-oh, wait, THERE IS NO ROOF, just the stars above and a diva. To hear GRACE JONES live, singing LA VIE EN ROSE without a DAT machine but with an actual band, was magnifique.
Having booked Ms. Jones in the disco days, it’s a treasure to see and hear her still in the best of form. I remember her rider in the heady days requested the usual diva excess- white orchids, a slew of fine terry towels, and, written in the actual fax, an eight ball of blow for Ms. J and a gram for each member of her entourage. Ah, the disco days.
I partied with ANDY WARHOL AND GRACE JONES at the LIMELIGHT ATLANTA where she was in her dominatrix mode, men on dog collars and all fours at her feet. Whip in hand. EXCELLENT.
When I lived in Paris, I’d call GRACE and MASSIMO and inevitably her son Paulo would pick up, and try to get me to sign him instead to perform. Hehe. He’s the son of artist Jean Paul Goude.
Back to the show. KCRW put together a fine evening, and JOSELLE GILVEZAN (photography for this blog post) and hubby DAN GILVEZAN made for excellent company. Joselle saw GRACE with me at the SPECTRUM DISCO in GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA back in the “DO OR DIE” era. LONG LONG HISTORY there…

Grace’s costumes were HIGH ART, designed by Eiko Ishioka and changed out for each song, with witty banter from the diva backstage while changing…the only bummer being not enough time to hear 3-4 more tracks from her near exhaustive repertoire of classic dance tracks. Her work was always edgy, and it’s become even more so in the decades between albums. Corporate Cannibal was spectacular as a video clip on the screens…
If you missed the show, you missed a treasured moment in history. Josephine Baker would be smiling down at Grace and offering her props for a life well done. BRAVA!!

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