What to make of this IRANIAN REVOLUTION? Or is it that…a country with a majority of its population under the age of twenty-five might not be all enamored with the old folks running the show. Is it that the youth of Iran

all twittered and cell phoned and texted and netted are yearning for a call to freedom, of personal freedom to live a life unhindered by Islamic Fundamentalism? Is it that non-Islamic minorities in Iran have no voice? Is it that the largely secular youth-not the fanatic Muslim youth of film reel lore-want to 

step into the 21st Century

MAINSTREAM U.S. PRESS has been cautious to play down claims of voter fraud and to state that the MIRACLE OF AHMADINEJAD‘S REELECTION is somehow considered credibly by a bulk of Iran’s population as indeed a miracle (NYT) yet not elaborating that the true cause is in fact most likely fraud, especially since the opposition candidate lost in his hometown of Tabriz. Candidate Mousavi, a conservative moderate has a massive following. , All “liberal” candidates were purged from running for office-and the threat of assassination has hung over Mousavi‘s head, even though the current regime has a stated interest in keeping him alive. Should he be killed, riots would inevitably ensue. The dreaded adjunct to the regular secret police has shot and killed protesters in the streets.

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