PROP H8 Rally Rocks Boystown Yet Again!

Last night was yet another march for equality for all. As sis Joselle and I walked over from Bev Hills, we noticed a lack of cars on Santa Monica Boulevard in anticipation of the Prop 8 protest march, but we also noticed a lack of protesters. It was 7:45, well into the scheduled time frame…

downing our Millions of Shakes Paris Hiltons, we promenaded to the center of San Vicente and SMBLVD in the heart of Boystown, surrounded by about 150-200 protesters. The news crews seemed to outnumber the crowd, and we were embarrassed for the community. Postulation:
LGBTQ&Q crowd is just plain tired of it all, worn down by bigotry and ready to collectively withdraw from those who do not want us.
Then, at 8 bells, hurrah! We looked back and HORDES had surged up the boulevard, thousands of marchers. Cameras are flashing so we go to the vortex and there is a petite blonde smiling at us. It’s Drew Barrymore
 so we go over and catch cosmic dust off her aura. As we march on shake in hand we spot
Robin Tyler and Diane Olson 
the lesbian couple who helped initiate the lawsuit that started the debate. 
They were dressed all in white, and told us that they’d been all over the planet representin’ for the peeps, and we should keep the faith. Robin said, hang in there, civil rights always eventually come to fruition, there is no turning back the march of progress. Inspiring words from leaders we can all admire.
Joselle and I marched up to City Hall and then beat a hasty retreat. Not up for the march for miles, we did our part and then headed back to the safe environs of Villa Gilvezan, where the flat screen and cold Corona made for a pleasant capper to yet another stupendous night in 
West Hollywood.

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