Bombed In Burbank

Talking to Edward, a courier here in Hollywood. Used to work gate security at Burbank Airport.

The stories! Guy filled a  shaving cream canister with cocaine. That would have maybe worked, except he stuck a pipe in the same canister. Metal detector…pipe. Not a good combo. Busted.
Every single day, someone would get busted at Burbank. 

Every single day.
One lady refused to be searched when she was setting off the metal detector. She wouldn’t relent. So Edgar called the cops, and they came and she had rolls of twenty dollar bills alternated with cocaine wrapped all across her thin frame. She was wearing overalls, and the metal buttons and loops set off the alarm. Note to self: no overalls when muling.

And Aaron Sorkin. Edward popped him. Sez he was red faced and all wobbly. The dope was carrying five-count ’em five metal crack pipes. And five different kinds of drugs, from shrooms to coke. When Edgar grabbed his elbow and pulled him aside, he fainted like a wimp. Later, he claimed that the drugs were planted on him by Edgar and team. Three cameras and overhead mics disproved the idiocy of this claim. As Edgar said, he wouldn’t know Sorkin from Adam.

Sorkin got probation. Had he been black, he’d still be in jail today. 
No jail time for Aaron.
To claim through his attorneys that the drugs were planted by the security staff is a cowardly act. Shame on him. Shame.

Edgar lost his job when 9/11 occurred and Bush put in government employees. 
On that inauspicious day in September, Burbank airport received twenty bomb threats. Twenty. Lot of sick people out there. Who would do this? On that day? Another round of Islamic extremists? Mentally ill agitators? Who? Does that mean every airport in America got dozens of bomb threats on September 11? It boggles the mind. The FBI has notr revealed this to this day.
Even before 9/11, Edgar was a hero. He saved many lives. I’ll tell you how. One day, a suspicious carry-on bag was in the x-ray machine, and Edgar noticed it was odd. He’d seen many laptops, but this one was different. The guts were largely missing. The bag was removed, and a special wand that detects explosives was used. Three times it tested positive for C-4, one of the most harmful of chemical explosives. The laptop was rigged to go off at the push of a button. They checked the terrorist’s bag further and saw he was only flying with two t shirts and a half empty bottle of vodka. He was a suicide bomber. There was enough explosive to crater the entire airport and much of Burbank, apparently. If Edgar hadn’t been alert, that laptop would have gone through to a terminal area, pre-boarding and blown everyone up. When stopped and cuffed, he had no ticket for a flight. He had lied and said he had a Southwest ticket. He didn’t. 
A robot came and took the bomb away. The FBI took the terrorist, and then came back to the security team. All of Edgar’s  co-workers had touched the bag. It tested positive also for a corrosive chemical, and the other workers were carted off to a fire station, stripped, given a scrub down shower and their clothes burnt. They were given clothes by the fireman, and reported back to work. Edgar was commended by the FBI and Burbank police. The entire incident was played down as a minor threat, so as not to alarm passengers and others at the airport. 
Perhaps if it had been played up and we would all have been more aware, more attention would have been paid to the threat and 9/11 could have been prevented. 


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  1. Poor Edgar…

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