Roy’s Right Wing Diatribe

Rwanda is doing it right, after a massive genocide that killed a million Tutsi tribe members by the prevailing Hutus. Today, fifteen years later, the country is in great shape, according to a fine article in The New Yorker by Philip  Gourevitch. He recounts how the country has healed its wounds with healing councils and open dialog, culminating in a forgiveness exchange that is both cathartic and monumental in its scope. 

Gourevtich tells us Rwanda now has universal health care, has banned plastic bags and has extensive cell phone coverage.

Zimbabwe and other African nations led by despotic rulers are falling apart into massive chaos. It seems odd that as far along as humankind has progressed we still allow for governments to be run by tyrants.

It seems to me the powerful first world nations are okay with this status quo, after all is said, and find these governments stabilize the third world in an endless loop of ongoing corruption. To believe that America or a EU nation couldn’t actually devise a stealth exploding cigar or other some such nonsense to assassinate the despot seems incredible. If we can pinpoint a missile to take out a terrorist, how can we believe a presidential palace couldn’t be targeted. No one has to claim responsibility. Tyrant gone.

If we can do this, then we can torture. That would be the reason NOT to target Robert Mugabe or an admitted murderer (Raul Castro) or other monster. But, it’s the only reason I can think of, if we weigh the value of millions of lives against the actions of one. Who’d make that call? Hell, where do I sign?

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