The Specter/Spector phenom.

The Specter/Spector phenom.

Sure it’s a stretch, but the spectre of these two men and their transformations is startling.
First Phil Spector, genius savant of the recording industry, let’s his demons get the better of him, and pays the price. Life in jail. Mansion gone. Reputation destroyed. His twisted power game, flaunted for decades and never censored from female victims to John Lennon. Power gone mad.

The Republican Party. Power gone mad. Idealogues refusing to strike a note of compromise on any issue, drunk with previous power and now marginalized to a fringe fanatic base. Party gone.
the Grand Old Party is now not so much a party as a warm beer shared among a few pathetic out of touch old men.  
Result: good men like Arlen Specter– a moderate and sensible man-moves toward a pragmatic reality and for reasons both philosophical and self serving, defects to the Democrats to help achieve his essential agenda, from health care and health research funding to fighting poverty. 

The IRONY is that Republicans, before being hijacked by the Religious Right (not all religious people are right wing, btw) stood for principles of protecting the individual and boosting those who have a desire to excel. Subversion under serial divorce diva Newt Gingrich and bloviating fatheads like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have tilted the direction to the dark side of self interest over human compassion. The price to be payed is ostracization from the American people, who more and more understand that Democratic ideals of compassion run hand in hand with the philosophy of religious caring and concern for all God’s peoples. Such that there is a god up there somewhere. Another issue for another day. 

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