Ban Gang Thugs

SNOPES CONFIRMS the gang headlights stories are  urban legend. News stories about law officials tell us they claim gang murder initiations are mostly myth. There is no blanket concept of having to murder an innocent person to prove your worthiness (!) to be in a gang. 

Then comes the story of the two murderers in Oceanside who shot a cop and killed him at a routine traffic stop and claimed they were in a gang initiation that required killing.

Once again, I say it: Outlaw gangs. Period. They are criminal enterprises, and have no other reason to exist. They should be federally outlawed and members who identify with a certain gang or gang element should be required to wear ankle monitors at all times to track their whereabouts, and federal injunctions should be issued to prevent assembly. 

Is this a violation of civil rights? No, as under the RICO act your rights can be limited in the interest of fighting crime in a blighted area: in this case, almost all urban and now many suburban areas. 

Border tightening? Sure, why not? A federal dna storage requirement for all in America, with a national ID card? How exactly once again does this play into the hands of Big Brother? Is anonymity in a free society an absolute right? I hope you have the answers, ’cause I only have the Big Questions.

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