In a World of Human Wreckage

Death is everywhere lately. I am fixated on the monsters who plowed into pedestrians at USC here in Los Angeles, killing a young girl and driving five hundred yards with her companion on the windshield, stopping, dragging him off, getting back in the car and fleeing. Monsters, hard to reconcile as human beings. The awfulness of the scenario is so unbearable, it makes me weep and distracts me throughout the day. Coupled with the latest story of the two elderly ladies killed crossing La Brea at Fountain-three blocks from my office-I can not focus on anything right now.

EVERYBODY SLOW DOWN and stop driving on drugs and drink. It’s a little late in the game for that kind of sad behavior. Thug life and gangs are partially to blame, and the US needs to have more pilot programs to educate children and keep them out of trouble and harm’s way, lest they in turn grow up to be the very monsters who killed these people.  Like the drunk girl who smashed into my friend Izzy here on Fountain last year, killing him and throwing him one hundred feet into the air. Senseless tragedy. Hit and run madness. The evil that humans do makes me feel that we don’t deserve this thing  called life. It’s hard to be hopeful. Maybe 2012 won’t come soon enough. 

One Response to “In a World of Human Wreckage”

  1. Dont cry! Luv ya'…

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