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The Specter/Spector phenom.

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The Specter/Spector phenom.

Sure it’s a stretch, but the spectre of these two men and their transformations is startling.
First Phil Spector, genius savant of the recording industry, let’s his demons get the better of him, and pays the price. Life in jail. Mansion gone. Reputation destroyed. His twisted power game, flaunted for decades and never censored from female victims to John Lennon. Power gone mad.

The Republican Party. Power gone mad. Idealogues refusing to strike a note of compromise on any issue, drunk with previous power and now marginalized to a fringe fanatic base. Party gone.
the Grand Old Party is now not so much a party as a warm beer shared among a few pathetic out of touch old men.  
Result: good men like Arlen Specter– a moderate and sensible man-moves toward a pragmatic reality and for reasons both philosophical and self serving, defects to the Democrats to help achieve his essential agenda, from health care and health research funding to fighting poverty. 

The IRONY is that Republicans, before being hijacked by the Religious Right (not all religious people are right wing, btw) stood for principles of protecting the individual and boosting those who have a desire to excel. Subversion under serial divorce diva Newt Gingrich and bloviating fatheads like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have tilted the direction to the dark side of self interest over human compassion. The price to be payed is ostracization from the American people, who more and more understand that Democratic ideals of compassion run hand in hand with the philosophy of religious caring and concern for all God’s peoples. Such that there is a god up there somewhere. Another issue for another day. 

Ban Gang Thugs

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SNOPES CONFIRMS the gang headlights stories are  urban legend. News stories about law officials tell us they claim gang murder initiations are mostly myth. There is no blanket concept of having to murder an innocent person to prove your worthiness (!) to be in a gang. 

Then comes the story of the two murderers in Oceanside who shot a cop and killed him at a routine traffic stop and claimed they were in a gang initiation that required killing.

Once again, I say it: Outlaw gangs. Period. They are criminal enterprises, and have no other reason to exist. They should be federally outlawed and members who identify with a certain gang or gang element should be required to wear ankle monitors at all times to track their whereabouts, and federal injunctions should be issued to prevent assembly. 

Is this a violation of civil rights? No, as under the RICO act your rights can be limited in the interest of fighting crime in a blighted area: in this case, almost all urban and now many suburban areas. 

Border tightening? Sure, why not? A federal dna storage requirement for all in America, with a national ID card? How exactly once again does this play into the hands of Big Brother? Is anonymity in a free society an absolute right? I hope you have the answers, ’cause I only have the Big Questions.


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WHEN I GROW UP seems to be a common word assemblage lately…as in when I grow up I’m going to be a fireman, astronaut, doctor, or–


WHERE did we go so wrong as a culture that so many from all the strata of society, gay men to trailer trash to young professionals find themselves trapped in a spiral of addiction and despair?
Is it a disconnect from reality that is so desperately desired? Is it the added intensity that comes during sex, hours and hours on end? What, exactly is the draw?

DON’T GET ME WRONG I’ve tried everything shy of a needle-never understood that much work for a buzz-yet knew to pull back when things were looking too intense. It was a combo of suspect “friends” and loss of productivity, coupled with feeling like shit the next day that would shake me out of a stupor and back to reality. Did I have an ON/OFF switch that others lacked?
Why did some become so addicted to alcohol, drugs or internet porn (Duchovny, listening?) while I could party like a ROCK STAR and then walk away, not JONESING or begging to score at 4 ayem off a dirty street corner? Was there in fact a gene that made one susceptible to repeat desire to the extreme? Science says yes, yet were there in fact other factors involved? Addiction seemed to include all demographics, from RUSH LIMBAUGH to Indio methheads. 
I WANT TO blame people for their own actions when they veer wildly out of control, but deeper issues are at stake, and it’s just not fair to judge others when we don’t know the intimate details of a life gone awry. Conjecture doesn’t really help, either. Best to just be supportive if possible. Addicts don’t want your opinion, they want their high, from food to heroin to Jack Daniels. 

BANNING SUBSTANCES won’t change things, for one can always find something to crave uncontrollably if that’s intrinsic to one’s personality.

I am thankful every day that I can keep these potential problems in check. I wish everyone else could, too. Then friends like JOHNNY THUNDERS and TED DEMME would still be with us today. 

Bone crushing as a hobby

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Sometimes, it’s just impossible to keep up, even with blogs being “so last year” and the tweet “so last month” it’s time for the bytesight, where a single vowel free phrase or even word expresses what passes for thought today, making a haiku seem like a sonnet. Night time is tranquilizer time, soma-fied or ambienced into a lulled state, where the synapses settle and the overworked brain cells stop bouncing in a roiling boil. The anxiety of missing some hot bit of info that keeps us awake is mollified, and deep rest permeates, if only for six hours.


Then, it’s up again and out the door. Bluetooth ready, gps set, xm blasting, outer world ignored.
Until it comes crashing in as in a Tom Wolfe novel, an inescapable circumstance, immediately regretted and resented for taking one out of one’s embryonic shelter, as a deep sea diver in hot and salty sea. 
To write the novel, or novella, or short story, or blurb, old school style, a missive that will never be mainstreamed or scholarly, never read by the few who practice the dying art of staring at non-pc display mediums. Kindle 4 will read to you, anything in the world, in a non-robotic voice, possibly the digitized utterings of a loved one or admired one. Headphones or planted chips keep the chatter active on a loop, constant words a la Fantastic Planet learning headsets… this is the future, where we ship all our paper and ink archaic objects called books to third world countries. Where libraries are ghosttowns save for cyber stations, where our hand held devices rule supreme, where we barely look up from a mugging, even one including us. It’s our own version of a craven new word, not a brave new world. 

We might think we are informed, but so much is dust in the wind. News is immediate, and yesterday’s headlines destined for the junkpile of history. Nothing matters, nor should it. We have reverted to our primal state, and the basics, food, clothing, shelter, now must add online streaming and sexting to the equation.

Soon, all capability of human speech will be abandoned, and we will all become observers.
Only, at that point, one thing is more and more obvious: there will be nothing left to observe.

In a World of Human Wreckage

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Death is everywhere lately. I am fixated on the monsters who plowed into pedestrians at USC here in Los Angeles, killing a young girl and driving five hundred yards with her companion on the windshield, stopping, dragging him off, getting back in the car and fleeing. Monsters, hard to reconcile as human beings. The awfulness of the scenario is so unbearable, it makes me weep and distracts me throughout the day. Coupled with the latest story of the two elderly ladies killed crossing La Brea at Fountain-three blocks from my office-I can not focus on anything right now.

EVERYBODY SLOW DOWN and stop driving on drugs and drink. It’s a little late in the game for that kind of sad behavior. Thug life and gangs are partially to blame, and the US needs to have more pilot programs to educate children and keep them out of trouble and harm’s way, lest they in turn grow up to be the very monsters who killed these people.  Like the drunk girl who smashed into my friend Izzy here on Fountain last year, killing him and throwing him one hundred feet into the air. Senseless tragedy. Hit and run madness. The evil that humans do makes me feel that we don’t deserve this thing  called life. It’s hard to be hopeful. Maybe 2012 won’t come soon enough.