Let The Music Play

than meeting up with long lost friends, people from your past who were there for the glory years, specifically the heyday of the 80’s and 90’s, a collaborative mishmash of cultural cataclysm expressed in music (PUNK ROCK, NEW WAVE, ELECTRONIC DANCE outrageous fashion (once again, PUNK; FIORUCCI and rocker/teddy…INDUSTRIAL chic…) and many many more manifestations of a planetary explosion of creativity, built off the creative vibes of the 60’s and 70’s with a touch of the avant-garde found in classical and jazz music of the era. Art for art sake, money for God’s sake…piercings erupted, vinyl receded, color faded, goth had risen, drugs like MDA and MDMA and SHROOMS and yes COKE fed the desires of the coffin creatures and 

Klub Kids and dealers, oh my! The birth of Techno at the Hacienda and Chicago house ruling supreme…Peter Gatien‘s audacious nightclub kingdom, always a refuge from sanity. There were the times that tried men’s and women’s soles, when we were clad in brutal shoes and danced for hours, sometimes days…Wordy Rappinghood, It’s Raining Men, Pride, A Deeper Love, Let The Music Play, Relax …and through it all DEPECHE MODE bridging every genre without compromise, like the Cure and the Smiths, iconic originals incapable of impure thought…ah, to have lived through those years, and to have survived, unlike Klaus Nomi and the other so-called Gods of our time, though Gods they were…

Rejoice! Hail the 80’s!!!

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