Unabombers Need Facebook, Too!

So Joel Stein is pissed about theFacebook 25 Things About Me viral posting, calling it vainglorious and unnecessary. Sure, that may be, but is it really a big deal to slag people telling their friends and admittedly, acquaintances and a few strangers a couple of dozens things about their lives? I for one love scanning these troves, and have found out all kinds of fabulous things about people I did not previously know. Joel’s big complaint was that, gosh, people just ain’t that interesting and facetiously refers to being more interested in the Ultimate Stranger–a CELEBRITY–than in a dull, boring mere mortal. He should check out the responses from my friends. Maybe it is a bit narcissistic to write about oneself online, but hell, what’s a memoir after all? Blather from strangers or incidents of adventure and fun from people I care about? 

Granted, I spend ENOUGH time on facebook as is, and accrue a friend or five each day, from my colorful, wacky past. Army brats like me have many people in our memory, and it’s quite cool to reconnect, check out their lives, live vicariously through their successes and failures, loves and hates, dreams and dashed hopes. It’s great theatre, far more interesting than most if not all fictional characters we invest in on tv, the nets and in those quaint things, books.
Let’s keep it all in focus, make our circles large and embrace humankind. It’s better than plan b, the Unabomber

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