Thieves, Thieves, Tramps and Theives

Why does a city as together seeming as West Hollywood allow itself to be consumed by a noxious force that wishes to destroy all newcomers as outsiders threatening to kill the hydra? Why do entrenched city councilpersons like Abbe Land, John Duran and uber-tool John Heilman engage in Rovian warfare tactics at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their tired, tired seats? Like barnacles on the Titanic, they just don’t get what’s happening. But they adjust, and bottom feeding is not so bad, if you’ve set yourself up as a tyrant. Seems like things could be worse, right? After all, unemployment isn’t even  officially ten per cent yet, so why shouldn’t we needlessly spend our money on some oversized library in a town without children, where every adult is wired and connected, and the monolithic Beverly Hills library is literally blocks away? 

No, let’s waste taxpayer money on this vanity project, no doubt destined to be labeled 
The John Heilman City of West Hollywood Municipal Library and Auditorium.
Let’s not forget the imminent destruction of Plummer Park, ripping out the shade trees and pouring thousands of tons of cement onto and into the earth. Underground parking, indeed. 
Unable to leave well enough alone, Council won’t rest until we are a Villaraigosaesque urban core towering above the thoroughfares, blocking our famed sunlight and further creating parking lot traffic on our streets. 
These same few tired faces linger and linger and linger. It’s maddening, and the voters just are resigned to their fate under the grinding steel and concrete wheels of this mindless machine. 

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