A sentence or two

Twitterized beyond comprehension, I collapse and fold in like a stomped origami, a mass of flattened thoughts in shards with no continuity or recognition of the most basic grasp of daily existence as expressed through thoughtful balance and cohesion, long the hallmarks of a constantly growing, developing individual as evidenced throughout human history by things as simple as the discovery of fire and as complex as the Theory of Relativity and other untold massively important and well thought out dicta from varied sources since the development of Deepthink by great minds from every facet of culture and science, be it physics, mathematics, film, sports or any other myriad fields of human endeavor that have enriched the lives of so many here on earth, a tired, dissipated planet fallen prey to the interpretive excesses of these many wondrous discoveries, carried to their ultimate extreme by overreaching minds bent on milking every last bit of power behind every concept, blind to the consequences and often based on such debased motivation as greed and envy, instead of more noble motives, like keeping humankind on an even keel to a better, more inclusive future for all peoples of all nations, whether they have been responsible for development of these great ideas and actions or simply have the good fortune to reap the benefits of the thoughts of the few, the ones who have not been corrupted and have genuine motivation as they help us all solve the profound and seemingly endless tribulations of life in the modern era as reflected in every facet of existence, from science to art to politics to music to medicine to philosophy and other enterprises in our brief stay on this mortal coil: in short, I cannot any longer achieve as the great minds have before me, and I hand over the reins to the next ADHD generation to do as they will.


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