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The Exquisite Evil of ALL THINGS LUXE

Posted in Credence, Gordon Gekko, Greek, Obamna, Quebecois, Religion, Zombies on February 23, 2009 by kilroyrogers

Awful Luxury surrounds us here in Hollywood. My couchsurfing Quebecois amis Steve Auclair remarked on the sheer numbing number of Ferraris and Lambos patrolling our streets, the chic shops lining our streets, the busy restaurants and clubs…all the things that now seem…

SAD AND INDULGENT…leftover Robber Baron vestiges from the NOW ENDLESS ME GENERATION, embellishing the excess of the 80’s through the 90’s and the 00’s just the same, a never-ending cavalcade of GREED that GORDON GEKKO cultivated like a hot house orchid, with the great stench aroma referred to by the General in The Big Sleep
Corrupt, a flower that intoxicates and tricks and fools the victim…this is capitalism. It cannot be contained, and must eventually fall prey to the edicts and will of the few over the many. 

Is communism the answer? It’s been proven to be an ignoble failure time and again. What of socialism? Can it only work in a society that mixes compassion for all and abject humanism with sensible policies, like population control and advanced education. Sadly, much of the world lacks direction, burdened under the yoke of outdated religious dogmatic stranglehold, depriving humankind of the purity of free thought, based on ancient Greek intellect and seemingly in a continual state of regression, back, back to the Barbarians, whose only motivation was to plunder and conquer, as in some lame twisted video game designed to subvert our youth in Zombiastic warriors, bent on achieving worldwide domination as in a game of RISK. 

Only there is no real enemy, so we have to have terrorism, a bred device used to strike fear and terror into the heart of peoples of many countries, oft under the guise of religious preservation, even though most religion preaches a foundation of love, then hypocritically subverts itself for assassin-like animosity and crippling prejudice. There is no just and fair religion: even Buddhism has been subverted to a regimen of sameness that destroys the art of the individual, stifling sexuality, creativity, free thought. 

This endless self-absorption is not countered in today’s world by anything more than the basic human tenant that we must trust each other, from when we stand in the ATM line to when we hurtle and high speeds encased in steel and surrounded by strangers. This contract we have to respect each other must be enlarged, must be strengthened, so that we care for each other as we would at least an injured dog, and realize that someone mentally hurting is worthy of our compassion, not our contempt. Who can bring about this renaissance in the HUMAN CONDITION? The world has placed its faith not on the shoulders of a pope or preacher: it has  chosen one man, and he should be given credence; for that man is BARACK OBAMA.

Unabombers Need Facebook, Too!

Posted in facebook, myspace, unabomber on February 13, 2009 by kilroyrogers

So Joel Stein is pissed about theFacebook 25 Things About Me viral posting, calling it vainglorious and unnecessary. Sure, that may be, but is it really a big deal to slag people telling their friends and admittedly, acquaintances and a few strangers a couple of dozens things about their lives? I for one love scanning these troves, and have found out all kinds of fabulous things about people I did not previously know. Joel’s big complaint was that, gosh, people just ain’t that interesting and facetiously refers to being more interested in the Ultimate Stranger–a CELEBRITY–than in a dull, boring mere mortal. He should check out the responses from my friends. Maybe it is a bit narcissistic to write about oneself online, but hell, what’s a memoir after all? Blather from strangers or incidents of adventure and fun from people I care about? 

Granted, I spend ENOUGH time on facebook as is, and accrue a friend or five each day, from my colorful, wacky past. Army brats like me have many people in our memory, and it’s quite cool to reconnect, check out their lives, live vicariously through their successes and failures, loves and hates, dreams and dashed hopes. It’s great theatre, far more interesting than most if not all fictional characters we invest in on tv, the nets and in those quaint things, books.
Let’s keep it all in focus, make our circles large and embrace humankind. It’s better than plan b, the Unabomber

Thieves, Thieves, Tramps and Theives

Posted in Abbe Land, John Duran, John Heilman, Plummer Park, West Hollywood on February 9, 2009 by kilroyrogers

Why does a city as together seeming as West Hollywood allow itself to be consumed by a noxious force that wishes to destroy all newcomers as outsiders threatening to kill the hydra? Why do entrenched city councilpersons like Abbe Land, John Duran and uber-tool John Heilman engage in Rovian warfare tactics at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their tired, tired seats? Like barnacles on the Titanic, they just don’t get what’s happening. But they adjust, and bottom feeding is not so bad, if you’ve set yourself up as a tyrant. Seems like things could be worse, right? After all, unemployment isn’t even  officially ten per cent yet, so why shouldn’t we needlessly spend our money on some oversized library in a town without children, where every adult is wired and connected, and the monolithic Beverly Hills library is literally blocks away? 

No, let’s waste taxpayer money on this vanity project, no doubt destined to be labeled 
The John Heilman City of West Hollywood Municipal Library and Auditorium.
Let’s not forget the imminent destruction of Plummer Park, ripping out the shade trees and pouring thousands of tons of cement onto and into the earth. Underground parking, indeed. 
Unable to leave well enough alone, Council won’t rest until we are a Villaraigosaesque urban core towering above the thoroughfares, blocking our famed sunlight and further creating parking lot traffic on our streets. 
These same few tired faces linger and linger and linger. It’s maddening, and the voters just are resigned to their fate under the grinding steel and concrete wheels of this mindless machine. 

A sentence or two

Posted in ADHD on February 4, 2009 by kilroyrogers

Twitterized beyond comprehension, I collapse and fold in like a stomped origami, a mass of flattened thoughts in shards with no continuity or recognition of the most basic grasp of daily existence as expressed through thoughtful balance and cohesion, long the hallmarks of a constantly growing, developing individual as evidenced throughout human history by things as simple as the discovery of fire and as complex as the Theory of Relativity and other untold massively important and well thought out dicta from varied sources since the development of Deepthink by great minds from every facet of culture and science, be it physics, mathematics, film, sports or any other myriad fields of human endeavor that have enriched the lives of so many here on earth, a tired, dissipated planet fallen prey to the interpretive excesses of these many wondrous discoveries, carried to their ultimate extreme by overreaching minds bent on milking every last bit of power behind every concept, blind to the consequences and often based on such debased motivation as greed and envy, instead of more noble motives, like keeping humankind on an even keel to a better, more inclusive future for all peoples of all nations, whether they have been responsible for development of these great ideas and actions or simply have the good fortune to reap the benefits of the thoughts of the few, the ones who have not been corrupted and have genuine motivation as they help us all solve the profound and seemingly endless tribulations of life in the modern era as reflected in every facet of existence, from science to art to politics to music to medicine to philosophy and other enterprises in our brief stay on this mortal coil: in short, I cannot any longer achieve as the great minds have before me, and I hand over the reins to the next ADHD generation to do as they will.