Bush Legacy: Lies, Corruption, Murder

Partisan Politics and the Religious Right/Bush Legacy

…could we be more optimistic in these dangerous times? When that shriveled old church lady Cecily Tyson stood up from the stands at the Obama Inauguration and started praisin‘ the lord it was a clear reminder that this day meant much to many and everything to some. As a kid my earliest tv memory was the funeral cortege for Kennedy, the constant drum roll, the wagon moving up the avenue, the stark black and white imagery, a nation mourning its loss. To witness this glorious time in US history, this “Post-racial” time, when the white majority is destined to become simply another minority is an absolute highlight of my life, up there with being blessed with cool family and friends like Steve Sillay. It’s all good, and I hate to utter the name Bush again in this lifetime, although for many throughout the world it is a name they can never forget, directly responsible for the carnage, mayhem and death that entered their lives needlessly and for which this great land can never fully apologize. War crimes tribunals should be set up to prosecute the PNAC mob of RICO monsters who held this country hostage and decimated our blood and treasure for the sake of the egos of a few men who have never fought in war and whose armchair antics can never be justified. Heads should roll so future power brokers will realize their actions are not without consequence. Impeachment is too late now. It’s time for the courts to make men accountable, as they are in all levels of society and government, else this lawless behavior rear its jaundiced head again and further destroy the very fabric of humankind. Let us not forget, in this time of joy, those who have suffered and those who have paid the ultimate price for the callous dogma of a corrupt few.

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