Prop H8 Still Alive, not well

Another Final Word on bigotry and Prop 8. 

Okay, so there’s a populist backlash against the gay community regarding protests and pickets and asking for the head of the bigots who decry gay marriage and claim a banner of religious superiority. Well, guess what? The bottom line is if you support Prop 8 you support discrimination, pure and simple. You are disenfranchising at least ten percent of the population, including a family member or close friend, most likely. It is unfair for some deluded members of the heterosexual community to claim that gays shouldn’t be so promiscuous while not allowing them the right to legitimize their relationships. It’s oxymoronic, and moronic. 
Now, should El Cayote be boycotted? Sure. To blindly follow every tenant of your chosen religion, regardless of origin a cult or sect, often legitimized in the eyes of many by the patina of age, makes one a android: a non-thinking slave robot follower of convention and rule. It is precisely the opposite of what most thoughtful religious leaders of the past would have wanted, from Jesus to Mohammed. Think about it.
Should LA Film Fest director Richard Raddon have stepped down? Hell, he donated a staggering sum – fifteen hundred dollars- to ban gay marriage. That’s a lot of moolah, and he must know the level of LGBTQ involvement in the film industry. What a putz.
Howsabout the Cinemark Theater chain? Major contributors, and I will never again darken their doorway, nor will my friends, at least most of them. Alan Stock of said company gave a dollar under ten grand to the pro-Prop 8 forces. And Scott Eckern, director of California Musical Theatre. a non-profit based in Sacramento, resigned under pressure from -hello- gay theatre folk. Frankly, what could be more gay? What was he thinking, to deny his co-workers and ostensibly his friends a basic human right? Who doesn’t think that gays will have the right to marry someday soon? Who thinks this will usher in Armegeddon? A bunch of lunatics, that’s who.
So, don’t come to me with your BS about following every tenant of a religion either way old or, as in the case of Mormonism, ridiculous to the point of ludicrousness. 
Golden plates indeed. How  can we be so duped? Why settle for this indoctrination? I only hope younger people today will choose humanism as the way to fulfill their existence. If there is an almighty being somewhere, it doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we on this blue ball are behaving according to a rule book laid down long ago to control the masses. Please, people: WAKE UP!!

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