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Fine Endangered Macassar Ebony Waterboard Reserved for RUSH LIMBAUGH

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Let’s hold Rush Limbaugh‘s fat ass off his oceanfront mansion balcony until he effin gets it. What a putz! Drug addled idiot who by his own standards should be in jail. That he has listeners- dwindling, I am sure- at all is a miracle. It’s as though some creature from the Spanish Inquisition has reincarnated in the obese husk of a pasty white throwback Golum-like bile filled monster.

No doubt Limbaugh’s fat ass would be on a velvet pillow dropping a gavel on great thinkers (Read: liberals) in the  age of the Catholic Church Vendetta against Freedom. Or better yet, the bloated “Vizier” whispering conspiratorially into the King’s left ear…Gawd, it’s one thing to be on the opposing side of history. It’s quite another to be so completely out of step with modern thinking that a total one sided view of every macro basis of modern life is under question by a quack pundit hack who spews bile at every turn. To want OBAMA to fail? He is a horse’s ass. Phil Hendrie may have a legit claim that certain liberals did want Bush to fail in Iraq- although I think, like me, they didn’t want failure, the price of blood and treasure being so unimaginable…just closure and move on. We certainly didn’t want failure in Afghanistan, another war we didn’t need, one that diplomacy might well have been able to stabilize. We’ll never know.
It’s troubling that Limbaugh now claims Obama is going to kill talk radio. What? A voice of dissent is one thing, but a hate-filled–and possibly racist, if we dig deep–jerk with a moronic following should be happy he has any platform whatsoever. I would love, personally, to march lockstep with jackbooted comrades and Republican Guard mercenaries onto his acreage and abduct him, waterboard his bloated excess and watch him squirm like a minnow-er, sperm whale- as his precious rights are shed by the very dicta he chooses to live by. But that’s just me. He’s lucky I am a liberal. This bloviated Fat Bastard needs to look deeply into the mirror, reassess his life, and move in to the light, away from the dank stank of his corpulent mind. It’s not too late.
Even he can call Richard Simmons, Ram Dass and a few other clairvoyants and get his fetid shit together. Okay, I spoke my piece. Please forward this to him, and ask him to call me anytime to discuss. Cell direct 323.252.8907

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There it was in black n white in the final edition ever of the Los Angeles Times, or at least presumptively near the end of the reign of the left coast leader:


The article goes on to discuss legalizing prostitution in Reno and Vegas to raise much-needed cash. 


Talk of legalizing and taxing hookers and pot. 
Why the hell not? 
Do it on an interim, trial basis: See how things go. 
Get Organized Crime out of the picture.

Get Government involved in something that actually MAKES money.
Imagine PICK YOUR OWN ganja farms in Humboldt County. 
Forget Christmas trees, bothersome things…let’s go for the CASH CROP!
ERASE THE DEBT in six months. 
The state inspects brothels for standards, like a FOUR STAR system. 
Regulate pot and have STATE POT SHOPS that will fill up all the closing retail in towns across the U.S. Make it one of our biggest exports and automatically lower the imbalance of imports to exports. LOGIC ALL AROUND!!

Bush Legacy: Lies, Corruption, Murder

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Partisan Politics and the Religious Right/Bush Legacy

…could we be more optimistic in these dangerous times? When that shriveled old church lady Cecily Tyson stood up from the stands at the Obama Inauguration and started praisin‘ the lord it was a clear reminder that this day meant much to many and everything to some. As a kid my earliest tv memory was the funeral cortege for Kennedy, the constant drum roll, the wagon moving up the avenue, the stark black and white imagery, a nation mourning its loss. To witness this glorious time in US history, this “Post-racial” time, when the white majority is destined to become simply another minority is an absolute highlight of my life, up there with being blessed with cool family and friends like Steve Sillay. It’s all good, and I hate to utter the name Bush again in this lifetime, although for many throughout the world it is a name they can never forget, directly responsible for the carnage, mayhem and death that entered their lives needlessly and for which this great land can never fully apologize. War crimes tribunals should be set up to prosecute the PNAC mob of RICO monsters who held this country hostage and decimated our blood and treasure for the sake of the egos of a few men who have never fought in war and whose armchair antics can never be justified. Heads should roll so future power brokers will realize their actions are not without consequence. Impeachment is too late now. It’s time for the courts to make men accountable, as they are in all levels of society and government, else this lawless behavior rear its jaundiced head again and further destroy the very fabric of humankind. Let us not forget, in this time of joy, those who have suffered and those who have paid the ultimate price for the callous dogma of a corrupt few.

Prop H8 Still Alive, not well

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Another Final Word on bigotry and Prop 8. 

Okay, so there’s a populist backlash against the gay community regarding protests and pickets and asking for the head of the bigots who decry gay marriage and claim a banner of religious superiority. Well, guess what? The bottom line is if you support Prop 8 you support discrimination, pure and simple. You are disenfranchising at least ten percent of the population, including a family member or close friend, most likely. It is unfair for some deluded members of the heterosexual community to claim that gays shouldn’t be so promiscuous while not allowing them the right to legitimize their relationships. It’s oxymoronic, and moronic. 
Now, should El Cayote be boycotted? Sure. To blindly follow every tenant of your chosen religion, regardless of origin a cult or sect, often legitimized in the eyes of many by the patina of age, makes one a android: a non-thinking slave robot follower of convention and rule. It is precisely the opposite of what most thoughtful religious leaders of the past would have wanted, from Jesus to Mohammed. Think about it.
Should LA Film Fest director Richard Raddon have stepped down? Hell, he donated a staggering sum – fifteen hundred dollars- to ban gay marriage. That’s a lot of moolah, and he must know the level of LGBTQ involvement in the film industry. What a putz.
Howsabout the Cinemark Theater chain? Major contributors, and I will never again darken their doorway, nor will my friends, at least most of them. Alan Stock of said company gave a dollar under ten grand to the pro-Prop 8 forces. And Scott Eckern, director of California Musical Theatre. a non-profit based in Sacramento, resigned under pressure from -hello- gay theatre folk. Frankly, what could be more gay? What was he thinking, to deny his co-workers and ostensibly his friends a basic human right? Who doesn’t think that gays will have the right to marry someday soon? Who thinks this will usher in Armegeddon? A bunch of lunatics, that’s who.
So, don’t come to me with your BS about following every tenant of a religion either way old or, as in the case of Mormonism, ridiculous to the point of ludicrousness. 
Golden plates indeed. How  can we be so duped? Why settle for this indoctrination? I only hope younger people today will choose humanism as the way to fulfill their existence. If there is an almighty being somewhere, it doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we on this blue ball are behaving according to a rule book laid down long ago to control the masses. Please, people: WAKE UP!!

The Simple Pleasures

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Disneyland. Last visit: age 13. A few years ago.

A little disappointed, in this steroid society, to see the castle, all squat and unimpressive. Then I realize, the historic preservationist that I am comes to fore, and the castle is from another era…a time when things didn’t have to be S U P E R, a time after the Empire State Building when we thought HIGH like Outer Space and the Moon. Everything on earth was scaled down to a human level, from mid-century modern dwellings to sensible cars, Cadillac excluded.  

Disney World Orlando killed the scale of the original. Still, we spent a huge bloc of time in Tomorrowland, tasting the future, but missing the earlier version, with it’s whimsy and sleek interpretations of tomorrow, from If You Had Wings to the house of the future…the contemporary version was rather charm free, cold and uninvolving: you know, like the future likely really will be.

Money Money Money! You can buy things, buy things, buy useless things with it, and Disneyland is the capitol of Useless Merchandise. Exiting most rides leads directly into a boutique chock full of swag from bling ears to Star Wars and on and on. It’s a frenzy, and must be a drag for parents to constantly say no, we aren’t going to buy that. 

Favorite ride: Nemo subs, even though I really liked the old school ride it replaced. 
The Tiki Room EXIT NAZI BIRDS were creepy, please STAND UP, applaud, and while you are at it, walk quickly to the exits without delay…or else! At least it wasn’t just the German accented parrot barking commands. I expected Arbiet Macht Frei over the exit doors.

The lines were minimal this time of year, and the rides are still really cool, like SPACE MOUNTAIN and SPLASH MOUNTAIN and MAGIC MOUNTAIN — oops, wrong park. The staff was a real mix from a Kyle/Time Warner tranny (really!) boarding the JUNGLE CRUISE crowds, to some Olde Folke and fatties…a real sweet cross section of multiculti diverse America. The veggie burger in Tomorrowland (i know…) was reminiscent- no, EXACTLY as one would imagine shoe leather to be. A blowtorch would have made it edible, perhaps. 

A beautiful SoCal global warming Friday. One in a million. Eighty degrees this week. Greenhouse gasses, bring it on.