Obama Hates Gay People

Sayonara Obama

Screw cooperation. There should not be a religious leader doing a convocation at the inaugural. 
It’s inappropriate. Someone professing thanks to Jesus means nothing to me. It exclusionary and divisive. Keep your dogmatic beliefs at home. They’re not welcome in a political atmosphere. And while we’re at it, let’s ditch the Bible swearing in part. It reeks of and drips with religion. Perhaps more appropriate would be holding a nice, bound copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. In America We Trust. Now, at least…although I think the shameless pandering by Obama with some of his choices irritates me. 

When West Hollywood homos had a woody for Hillary, I argued that Bill was not our friend and she was his advisor. After all, he dropped the ball on gays in the military by backing down on discrimination WHILE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of all the armed forces. Incredible, leaving us with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fired translators and lives ruined. How about DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act? This odious act has and will ruin lives deep into the future. Thanks, Billary.

Then there’s the Queen of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stone’s Best Voice of the Rock Era, who will be wrapped in electroshocked skinned pelts stitched into a cover. Should I bring a spray paint can as well> This queen might get a one-time pass from me.

OBAMA Doesn’t like gay people. Because he’s black, and blacks are religulous. They in general appropriated a White Jesus from another culture and ran with it, sublimating the pantheon of West African gods as Christian Saints (Voudoun) and out Jesusing the white folks. The big fatal flaw here is that Bible is a tool for literalists, and that’s what the AME and other churches have done, love the sinner: hate the sin. In general African Americans do not equate the right of LGBT people to marry with interracial marriage. They don’t and you can’t make them, no matter how much outreach is planned. It’s a fatal flaw of the conceit that those who suffered must fight against bigotry toward others. Look at black leaders: sans Chisholm and Bond, we have a room full of pontificating preachers. Am I painting an entire community with an overly broad brush? Admittedly, yes, but I have the Prop 8 voting record facts to back up this assertion. The solution? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll have to decide between throwing donuts at gay hata Warren or shoes at somebody else. Decisions, decisions.

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