The End Is Nigh

All signs seem to indicate: The End Is Nigh. I want to grow a long white beard and walk the streets with a placard stating such.

There it was, buried deep in the WORLD section of the LA TIMES:

Brown Haze Dims Skies Worldwide

The story went on to tell of how a dirty brown haze sometimes more than a mile thick is darkening skies over vast areas of Asia and in the Middle East, Africa, the Amazon: all over. 
Now, on a good day, with the lame Global Warming Naysayers poo-pooing the crisis, I get mad. 
Jerks like the flaming ass who owns THE WEATHER CHANNEL and does not believe in Global Warming at all…imagine, HIM of all people. Right wing idiots who just will not give Al Gore his props on this one. Hannity. Hate the name. What another horse’s arse and naysayer. Don’t these educated illiterates realize how foolish they will look in, say five years when the ROSS ICE SHELF is ice cubes floating out at sea and that dirty brown haze is the norm, with sunshine poking through five times a year? 

The article- a small brief easy to skim over or bypass- goes on to say that these “so-called atmospheric brown clouds” are a mix of particles, ozone and chemicals that come from coal, “clean” coal, auto emissions and the other sundry and various pollutants belched out by the sickening species of planet-killers known as homosapien
Next up is a Reuters News Service report that the planet is inundated with opportunistic jellyfish swarms, a blight, including one called the New York Bight. The seas are filled with these fish egg eating invasive species, from Monterey Bay to Hawaii to the Baltic Sea.

If you give to a charity this year for the holiday season, and if you are noble enough to tithe, I recommend one specific cause that can help like no other:

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