• What I like about 2008
  • ACDC
  • Steve Sillay, my bestest bud
  • No On 8 Marches
  • Political Activism from Young America
  • The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
  • The Pic of the 3 Gun Totin’ Police Women in Pakistan- Robert Palmer Girls for Sure!!
  • The Honda Insight to be Reborn as a Four Door in 2009!
  • Rachel Maddow, the Smartest Pundit in the Room
  • Black Lips Shows, albums, blog, DEATH ARAB  t-shirts
  • The New Palladium, exactly like the Old Palladium but with AIR!
  • Louis Garrel dvd extra reading a loving fan mail letter from…a dude! Aw….
  • My last car payment, like a $400 raise!! Now it breaks down I guess…
  • OJ
  • Burning Man! Luna! Igor! Francis! Stacy! Bar Marmont! Isla!
  • My Couch Surfers!!
  • Alex Fedotov, Boy Wonder and his Magic Eye & Overpowering will power
  • A Day Without A Gay spent hanging up Missing Persons flyers. Person found!
  • The Art of Stephanie Shafer and Jon Eisman
  • Becoming a Theatre Critic and realizing how hard theatre is!
  • Seeing Brother Dan Gilvezan in The Concept of Remainders
  • The New Star Trek!
  • Joselle’s Peppermintini party.
  • Steve Sillay, of course. Year in, year out my best bud.
  • The Freedom of a Blog, and the enslavement by same.
  • Thanksgiving with Family
  • El Matador Beach This Summer
  • Oh, yes, 
  • Barack Hussein Obama 
  • and his posse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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