The Body Shop burned up this morning. I heard the news choppers at 7 ayem, circling like in the Paris Hilton jail days…sounding as though they were in landing patterns on my coffee table.

I have spent bunches of time in “titty bars” since I can remember…possibly the least stimulated guy in the room, I had a blast nevertheless. Atlanta had the creme de la creme of the country’s bars, huge complexes with pools (Taj Mahal) and gilded VIP rooms drenched in…champagne.
As another night club managing partner, I was always welcomed with open arms, particularly since my clientele in Buckhead was a mix of the elite and the strippers in spandex and x dealers in black leather Columbinesque trenches and Z Cavarrici jeans sporting mousse filled mullets. In fact, strippers trying to get in OXYGEN almost never had pay stubs to prove they were in the biz on “industry” night, and to prove their employment, they would bury my face in their cleavage, knowing it was not gonna be harassment on either end…the straight dudes in line would kill to be me! 
Most strip clubs seemed to be owned by shady characters, and the Gold Club was the Golden Rule on this perception. One night in the office over cognac and watching dancers through one-way mirrors, one of the managers proudly opened a Halliburton aluminum briefcase and showed off what looked like about 6 kilos of high grade blow. Two famous athletes, who shall remain nameless, where on a couch with eyes wide open. The manager scored a bag, pulled out an eight ball worth and laid it out on the desk. Five hours and a bottle of Hennessey XO later, I left through the private exit and descended to the barren MARTA parking lot where the old Piedmont Flea Market (sob!) used to be, got in the Beemer and buzzed home. Later, the club was closed for racketeering, including relations with the notorious Gambino crime family. 
You might also remember the Gold Club from the Madonna visit, where she left with my pal Baby, GF of DJ Randy Easterling from Club Anytime and my club BERLIN. It made international headlines.
Owner Steve Kaplan was sentenced to serious jail time. Kaplan agreed to the following terms: spend three years in prison; relinquish the Gold Club; pay a $5 million fine; pay back up to $250,000 to customers for credit-card fees; pay restitution of up to $50,000 to Delta Air Lines; forfeit $38,400 in cash recovered during a government search. Having skimmed a reported fifty million dollars, that leaves him with appx. 44 million profit from his time at the club, if numbers are correct. Not bad for three years’ jail time. Where do I sign?
Remind me to mention a few other Halliburton briefcase incidents involving nightclubs in future blogs…I can’t give my full memoir out now: gotta save some for the book publisher.

One Response to “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS GONE..not wild, just GONE”

  1. I remember it all… Especially the Baby/Madonna times,And there were Many w/Madonna !!! For Baby that is !! Randy Easterling

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