911 411

911 411. 

WTF is up w/ 911? It’s just endless, the conspiracy theories. Me, it’s a bit tough to put the building blocks together and watch them tumble to the ground. I believe that it could have been prevented, that there was intelligence regarding the event that was ignored-perhaps wittingly so as to substantiate some foment in the US populace, thus making those responsible subject to murder charges upon investigation. I also believe that the towers fell from the force of the magma like explosions and collapsed like a house of cards through sheer amplified repetition and gravity, like a parking level under an apartment in the Northridge quake times many, many floors of concrete and steel. 
Building 7? Hmmm. What to make of building 7...diesel fuel ignited by crashing debris from the two main towers is the official story. It is debunked continuously online, and the argument seems compelling enough. Why would a cement and steel structure collapse like the other two towers, when it was only partially structurally compromised? Diesel fuel as a source…

“Fires have never been known to damage steel columns in high-rise buildings, but if they could, the damage would be produced gradually and would be localized to the areas where the fire was the most intense.” Seems odd, as a statement from debunkers, since the other two towers had just collapsed from the fires. Why would the damage be gradual, when a fireball of intense burning power would slam into the steel and we all know how steel is made. FIRE!

What to think? could elements of our govt in collusion with Sheiks and such have caused such intentional havoc? To the end of the enrichment of the few, the hyper wealthy? How much money do they really need? One thing I know, we’ll never have a definitive answer, a al grassy knoll. It’s creepy, and I want to focus on purple unicorns for the rest of the year. I need a break from the relentless evil of the Republican party. This windchime liberal has had it!!!

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