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Cultural Implode

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Cultcha collapsing continually 

-It’s the end of western arts and nothing can stop the decline. After reaching a post – Warholian apex with the Damien Hirst billion dollar money machine, a decline has set in, or erupted as quick as the mortgage meltdown. Museums have lost funding or were accused of squandering their endowments. We ain’t talkin’ breasts, we’re talking money earmarked for art used for other frivolous things, like vainglorious projects and over-hyped touring exhibits and architectural excess, a massive bundle of madness made of solid gold and diamonds. Money has lost its value, become even more of an abstract, ushering in a post-accountability era where printed paper means nothing; where paying 42 mil for a townhouse doesn’t seem out of place; where a quadrillionaire from India could build a billion dollar skyscraper just to house his family; where charity heads invest poorly with “advisors” who spend like drunken sailors.
Now comes the news Fields Pianos on Pico Boulevard is shutting its doors after fifty plus years of service to the arts. As the exclusive Southland dealer for Steinway, the collection was superb, and they were known for loaning out their peerless pianos for performances on a regular basis. Once, I recalled seeing a recital featuring Daniel Lessner, friend and composer, that thrilled the throng and stoked a buzz for days and days. This bedrock foundation of the arts, an institution that cultivates newcomers and veterans alike, will be sadly missed and never duplicated. It’s closing is indicative of the malaise taking over our country. The economy is in decline, and the first to go is budgeting for the arts. Conservatives have been screaming for the head of PBS for years, and sadly, they may soon have it if cutbacks continue apace. Tragedy. Our cultural output will soon exist as three minute clips on youtube, with no sense of depth or history to reflect on or absorb. 

ADHDAmerica cannot spend its precious moments learning to play music, play piano, read music, read novels and biographies. It’s finished. What have we left? Near instantaneous gratification, wave after wave, with no real highlights and no peaks, just a deadening sameness in sound and sight and scent and touch and voice, a loop tape of life that means nothing and addresses no one. Nostalgia comes to the fore, as those of us who now know what is missing search desperately for a sweet remnant of our past. Soon, too, those will fade, and the picture will be blank, save for the static and snow on the screens of our lives. 


Obama Hates Gay People

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Sayonara Obama

Screw cooperation. There should not be a religious leader doing a convocation at the inaugural. 
It’s inappropriate. Someone professing thanks to Jesus means nothing to me. It exclusionary and divisive. Keep your dogmatic beliefs at home. They’re not welcome in a political atmosphere. And while we’re at it, let’s ditch the Bible swearing in part. It reeks of and drips with religion. Perhaps more appropriate would be holding a nice, bound copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. In America We Trust. Now, at least…although I think the shameless pandering by Obama with some of his choices irritates me. 

When West Hollywood homos had a woody for Hillary, I argued that Bill was not our friend and she was his advisor. After all, he dropped the ball on gays in the military by backing down on discrimination WHILE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of all the armed forces. Incredible, leaving us with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fired translators and lives ruined. How about DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act? This odious act has and will ruin lives deep into the future. Thanks, Billary.

Then there’s the Queen of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stone’s Best Voice of the Rock Era, who will be wrapped in electroshocked skinned pelts stitched into a cover. Should I bring a spray paint can as well> This queen might get a one-time pass from me.

OBAMA Doesn’t like gay people. Because he’s black, and blacks are religulous. They in general appropriated a White Jesus from another culture and ran with it, sublimating the pantheon of West African gods as Christian Saints (Voudoun) and out Jesusing the white folks. The big fatal flaw here is that Bible is a tool for literalists, and that’s what the AME and other churches have done, love the sinner: hate the sin. In general African Americans do not equate the right of LGBT people to marry with interracial marriage. They don’t and you can’t make them, no matter how much outreach is planned. It’s a fatal flaw of the conceit that those who suffered must fight against bigotry toward others. Look at black leaders: sans Chisholm and Bond, we have a room full of pontificating preachers. Am I painting an entire community with an overly broad brush? Admittedly, yes, but I have the Prop 8 voting record facts to back up this assertion. The solution? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll have to decide between throwing donuts at gay hata Warren or shoes at somebody else. Decisions, decisions.

The End Is Nigh

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All signs seem to indicate: The End Is Nigh. I want to grow a long white beard and walk the streets with a placard stating such.

There it was, buried deep in the WORLD section of the LA TIMES:

Brown Haze Dims Skies Worldwide

The story went on to tell of how a dirty brown haze sometimes more than a mile thick is darkening skies over vast areas of Asia and in the Middle East, Africa, the Amazon: all over. 
Now, on a good day, with the lame Global Warming Naysayers poo-pooing the crisis, I get mad. 
Jerks like the flaming ass who owns THE WEATHER CHANNEL and does not believe in Global Warming at all…imagine, HIM of all people. Right wing idiots who just will not give Al Gore his props on this one. Hannity. Hate the name. What another horse’s arse and naysayer. Don’t these educated illiterates realize how foolish they will look in, say five years when the ROSS ICE SHELF is ice cubes floating out at sea and that dirty brown haze is the norm, with sunshine poking through five times a year? 

The article- a small brief easy to skim over or bypass- goes on to say that these “so-called atmospheric brown clouds” are a mix of particles, ozone and chemicals that come from coal, “clean” coal, auto emissions and the other sundry and various pollutants belched out by the sickening species of planet-killers known as homosapien
Next up is a Reuters News Service report that the planet is inundated with opportunistic jellyfish swarms, a blight, including one called the New York Bight. The seas are filled with these fish egg eating invasive species, from Monterey Bay to Hawaii to the Baltic Sea.

If you give to a charity this year for the holiday season, and if you are noble enough to tithe, I recommend one specific cause that can help like no other:

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The Body Shop burned up this morning. I heard the news choppers at 7 ayem, circling like in the Paris Hilton jail days…sounding as though they were in landing patterns on my coffee table.

I have spent bunches of time in “titty bars” since I can remember…possibly the least stimulated guy in the room, I had a blast nevertheless. Atlanta had the creme de la creme of the country’s bars, huge complexes with pools (Taj Mahal) and gilded VIP rooms drenched in…champagne.
As another night club managing partner, I was always welcomed with open arms, particularly since my clientele in Buckhead was a mix of the elite and the strippers in spandex and x dealers in black leather Columbinesque trenches and Z Cavarrici jeans sporting mousse filled mullets. In fact, strippers trying to get in OXYGEN almost never had pay stubs to prove they were in the biz on “industry” night, and to prove their employment, they would bury my face in their cleavage, knowing it was not gonna be harassment on either end…the straight dudes in line would kill to be me! 
Most strip clubs seemed to be owned by shady characters, and the Gold Club was the Golden Rule on this perception. One night in the office over cognac and watching dancers through one-way mirrors, one of the managers proudly opened a Halliburton aluminum briefcase and showed off what looked like about 6 kilos of high grade blow. Two famous athletes, who shall remain nameless, where on a couch with eyes wide open. The manager scored a bag, pulled out an eight ball worth and laid it out on the desk. Five hours and a bottle of Hennessey XO later, I left through the private exit and descended to the barren MARTA parking lot where the old Piedmont Flea Market (sob!) used to be, got in the Beemer and buzzed home. Later, the club was closed for racketeering, including relations with the notorious Gambino crime family. 
You might also remember the Gold Club from the Madonna visit, where she left with my pal Baby, GF of DJ Randy Easterling from Club Anytime and my club BERLIN. It made international headlines.
Owner Steve Kaplan was sentenced to serious jail time. Kaplan agreed to the following terms: spend three years in prison; relinquish the Gold Club; pay a $5 million fine; pay back up to $250,000 to customers for credit-card fees; pay restitution of up to $50,000 to Delta Air Lines; forfeit $38,400 in cash recovered during a government search. Having skimmed a reported fifty million dollars, that leaves him with appx. 44 million profit from his time at the club, if numbers are correct. Not bad for three years’ jail time. Where do I sign?
Remind me to mention a few other Halliburton briefcase incidents involving nightclubs in future blogs…I can’t give my full memoir out now: gotta save some for the book publisher.

911 411

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911 411. 

WTF is up w/ 911? It’s just endless, the conspiracy theories. Me, it’s a bit tough to put the building blocks together and watch them tumble to the ground. I believe that it could have been prevented, that there was intelligence regarding the event that was ignored-perhaps wittingly so as to substantiate some foment in the US populace, thus making those responsible subject to murder charges upon investigation. I also believe that the towers fell from the force of the magma like explosions and collapsed like a house of cards through sheer amplified repetition and gravity, like a parking level under an apartment in the Northridge quake times many, many floors of concrete and steel. 
Building 7? Hmmm. What to make of building 7...diesel fuel ignited by crashing debris from the two main towers is the official story. It is debunked continuously online, and the argument seems compelling enough. Why would a cement and steel structure collapse like the other two towers, when it was only partially structurally compromised? Diesel fuel as a source…

“Fires have never been known to damage steel columns in high-rise buildings, but if they could, the damage would be produced gradually and would be localized to the areas where the fire was the most intense.” Seems odd, as a statement from debunkers, since the other two towers had just collapsed from the fires. Why would the damage be gradual, when a fireball of intense burning power would slam into the steel and we all know how steel is made. FIRE!

What to think? could elements of our govt in collusion with Sheiks and such have caused such intentional havoc? To the end of the enrichment of the few, the hyper wealthy? How much money do they really need? One thing I know, we’ll never have a definitive answer, a al grassy knoll. It’s creepy, and I want to focus on purple unicorns for the rest of the year. I need a break from the relentless evil of the Republican party. This windchime liberal has had it!!!