Ailin’ Palin Sailin’ Away

A final word on the dumbing down of AMERICA. If we don’t educate the populace, we will always have a privileged core of ivy league legacy politicians muddying the waters…or leaving them still as the case may be. The populist solution, cynically exploited by the odious Republican Party would be Sarah Palin, staggeringly unfit for office beyond mayor of Wassila. 

The whole intellect controversy re: Palin could be solved by one gutsy reporter or pundit doing a spot on interview. One need merely request Palin to name five South American countries and their respective leaders. If she would pass this test, we would at least know that she has either finally been properly indoctrinated, or is truly one of limited resources. I suspect the latter, though would like certainty to be the order of the day. Why not know with certainty? If I am more qualified to be vice-president, than hell, off I’ll go and pitch it. Can’t be worse than pitching movies all this week at the AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica at Loew’s Hotel and Le Merigot. Film project AGE OF INDIGO got some attention, as did PLEASE SIGN IT LOVE…Everyone was very charming, smart, worldly, and broke. Humiliation come to play…It’s a tough time to be peddling movies. Sure, it’s recession proof, up to a point, but bank financing is shrinking, and this whole crisis is so Byzantine and rococo that it would take a far greater mind than my own to strip away the multitude of fraudulent layers enveloping the system.
It surely would take someone who knows who is an actual member of NAFTA.
Are we all doomed? 

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