say wha?

I feel like my life’s come full circle, from being an Army™ Brat™ with black friends as a kid and listening to Motown with great love (Cloud Nine? Are you KIDDING?? Masterpiece) to getting pulverized by four black youths in Liemert Park a decade ago. (Upcoming story blog soon) and now President-Elect Obama. Wow, my close proximity to the African-American community has been intense and spectacular. And now this, the rehabilitation of the US as a nation, THE nation, the great everything, Satan if you will, Salvation if you will as well. 

Now Obama can repair the damage, and his cabinet will support him as well.
We have a new STAR for the AGES, an obsidian addition to Mount Rushmore like no other. Teddy out, Obama in, thank you Dan Gilvezan.
Now if we could keep those awful awful meddlesome cultists masquerading as Christians from Utah from interfering with California’s laws…THEIR idea of marriage is a little, well OFF in my view, dontchathimk? Prop ROY sez no interfering or funds from other states into Cali

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