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Stand Up For Your Rights

Posted in Gay Pride, los angeles, No On Prop 8, Villaraigosa, Zena Warrior Princess on November 17, 2008 by kilroyrogers

I drove, against advice. I knew a secret downtown parking spot near the Ketchum Y, and driving an Insight, I don’t pay meter money in Los Angeles. Those brutish backwaters of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills still charge me to park, heathens! Settled under a gigantic ficus in the shade, I walked the three blocks to the plaza before the iconic Los Angeles City Hall Byzantine art deco phallus, merging with folk of all color, age and sexual identity opposed to Prop 8, the anti-civil rights measure. Banners are hoisted, cheerleaders are hoisted, the air was sparkling, save the occasional smoke plume wafting in from the surrounding fires. It’s a good day to be gay. 

The crowd builds, and the streets are full of excited marchers assembling, listening intently to a bevy of speakers. Only this march, in this place, would feature a self-creation like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa telling us he “loves us in every sense of the word” (?) followed by Zena, Warrior Princess. Priceless.  Cheerleaders are leading the crowd Bring It On style, flips and pyramids and all. It’s a love fest.

The March begins, up the boulevards and around downtown, past the neoclassical facades, and up to the corner of Temple and Spring, where the overpasses look down on the 210 freeway. BINGO!!! There they are, our target audience: the travelers from the Inland Empire and points east, the Less Enlightened who should be made gently aware. Banners are unfurled along the railings over the pedestrian bridges. Flags are waved. A lovely middle-aged dyke next to me is vigorously waiving a rainbow colored stars and stripes flag back and forth, and cars below us are honking and waving and smiling and so very alive. The dyke and I lock eyes, and a lifetime of suppression and suffering melts away as tears fall freely. The young teens and children and old men surrounding us are all jazzed up beyond measure, and when a big truck comes roaring by below us, belting the air horn for all it’s worth, we are shouting back in war whoops!!!  Next, a police cruiser goes by, honking wildly in support! We cannot believe it: it’s like the movie we wanted to see unfurling before our eyes…

And then the cops come, and ask us to disperse, as we are a nuisance to the drivers. An older gay dude is shouting “Don’t go! We have the right to peaceable assembly! Protect your rights!”
A police cruiser on the 210 shuts down the west bound lanes below us, and we hear his ominous voice through a speaker “Leave the area immediately! You are a hazard. If you don’t take down your banners we will confiscate them.” The irony of his totally stopping traffic to prevent a an alleged traffic stoppage is completely lost on him. A large banner is put away, and part of  the crowd disperses, while the rest of us stubbornly stand our ground. The yellow-shirted organizers ask us to leave. Still we hold our ground. The occasional middle finger from a disgruntled driver does not disturb us. We have a mission. 

The cops lean heavy now, although to be fair they largely stay back, and when I confront two of them over our civil right of assembly, they back off and make sure I know this is a crowd control issue and not a suppressive act. I relent and walk down to Olvera Street, where we have been shunted on our way to a park in Chinatown. The park is lame yet it’s a gas to see the Latino community leaving church checking us all out, mostly smiling and waving. They know that this march is as American as it gets, and they are witnessing history. Pride is everywhere.
We circle back to the overpass and wave frantically and excitedly to the drivers again on our way back to City Hall. Friends stop by: Steve Martin, my Y buddies, straight guys with their gf’s who support us: it’s a totally rad collection of all the best of Los Angeles. 

I am exhausted, and walk back to my car in total silence, pull open the door, grab the much needed and now warm water bottle, sit back, take a sip and cry like a baby. Thank you Los Angeles, and people all across this great land who marched in solidarity with us. The magic fairy dust in the air has coated the country like the ashes in Brea and Riverside. Something good surely came of this momentous day of tragedy and joy for our beloved Golden State.  

Director. One Word Says It All

Posted in Director, Jacques Louis David, Myth, nouvelle vague, Svengali on November 14, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Directors rule. It’s a fukkin ‘ard ass job, thankless, underpaid (really!) unstable, antagonistic, anti-relationship, introspective, misanthropic, self-loathing, emotionally damaging and infinitely rewarding enterprise. It involves the most troubled creatures to ever walk the earth: no, not serial killers. Actors. The heft of their baggage is legion. The unevenness of even the finest auteur is not legend but the norm. You can be young, you can be old, you can be middle aged, but you can never be a mediocrity. The world won’t accept it. Your mythos will crumble. You will damage your own masterworks. The most vital art form of the last two hundred years commands you to achieve an Oath of the Horatii with every endeavor. Talentless hacks surrounding you must be svengalied into greatness…there is no other way. You must divine the inspiration of a master preacher or even GODhead and bring disparate forces to muster to achieve the goal of the common good. That goal would be the influence of a planet, not just a culture. A work of lasting authority, there for the common good of all humanity: a provocative work, a telling work, a self-revelatory work, a missive of import, a universality sans banality, a credo and hallmark to referred to for all time. That is the chore and directive of a great director, a largely singular figure adrift in culture and left to rot when not influential. In short, a man-or woman- for all seasons, good or bad, subdued or delirious. Word. 

Ailin’ Palin Sailin’ Away

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A final word on the dumbing down of AMERICA. If we don’t educate the populace, we will always have a privileged core of ivy league legacy politicians muddying the waters…or leaving them still as the case may be. The populist solution, cynically exploited by the odious Republican Party would be Sarah Palin, staggeringly unfit for office beyond mayor of Wassila. 

The whole intellect controversy re: Palin could be solved by one gutsy reporter or pundit doing a spot on interview. One need merely request Palin to name five South American countries and their respective leaders. If she would pass this test, we would at least know that she has either finally been properly indoctrinated, or is truly one of limited resources. I suspect the latter, though would like certainty to be the order of the day. Why not know with certainty? If I am more qualified to be vice-president, than hell, off I’ll go and pitch it. Can’t be worse than pitching movies all this week at the AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica at Loew’s Hotel and Le Merigot. Film project AGE OF INDIGO got some attention, as did PLEASE SIGN IT LOVE…Everyone was very charming, smart, worldly, and broke. Humiliation come to play…It’s a tough time to be peddling movies. Sure, it’s recession proof, up to a point, but bank financing is shrinking, and this whole crisis is so Byzantine and rococo that it would take a far greater mind than my own to strip away the multitude of fraudulent layers enveloping the system.
It surely would take someone who knows who is an actual member of NAFTA.
Are we all doomed? 

say wha?

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I feel like my life’s come full circle, from being an Army™ Brat™ with black friends as a kid and listening to Motown with great love (Cloud Nine? Are you KIDDING?? Masterpiece) to getting pulverized by four black youths in Liemert Park a decade ago. (Upcoming story blog soon) and now President-Elect Obama. Wow, my close proximity to the African-American community has been intense and spectacular. And now this, the rehabilitation of the US as a nation, THE nation, the great everything, Satan if you will, Salvation if you will as well. 

Now Obama can repair the damage, and his cabinet will support him as well.
We have a new STAR for the AGES, an obsidian addition to Mount Rushmore like no other. Teddy out, Obama in, thank you Dan Gilvezan.
Now if we could keep those awful awful meddlesome cultists masquerading as Christians from Utah from interfering with California’s laws…THEIR idea of marriage is a little, well OFF in my view, dontchathimk? Prop ROY sez no interfering or funds from other states into Cali

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White knuckled anxiety takes over my every pore. What with the Killer Kold descending upon me like a plague of electric locusts, coursing through my throbbing veins, knocking me on my ass and forcing me to miss my High Holy Daze, i.e. Halloween, laying like Camille swathed in bedsheets and watching vintage nouvelle vague while listening to the revelry of a million drag queens…ah, exiling my visitors from the Gulf to San Diego and trying to avoid all pollster results and even Rachel Maddow, new Goddess of a New Age For All Mankind

OR not…or more of the same old tired shit we’ve had, repeated ad  nauseum yet in an ever diminishing spiral, sucking us into a WHITE HOLE of US vs THEM privilege against the newly homeless masses living off the last of their ebay™ sales when nobody’s left to buy…an Omega Man scenario crashing up around us…

OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA is the mantra, a luxe utterance with lingual louche, rolling off the tongue and onto the table, a big, big O as the opener, OOOOOO the utterance of a shepherd BAAA and the most heartfelt word in any language, MAAAAAA…

THEN AGAIN, Paris is calling her siren song…