The ACORN Falls Far

Wow- McCain Scandal Posse is in such overdrive, desperately seeking something to brand on Obama- and now comes the ACORN CONTROVERSY, which in reality is no scandal at all, but a self policing effort by a respected urban organizing group that has done much good. ACORN found irregularities in the ballots turned in by paid canvassers. I repeat, ACORN found the problem ballots and reported them as required by law. Does this sound like the act of some group that is trying to slide something by? I think not. Pu-leeze, let’s just not go there. Maybe this vitriol directly from the lips of John McCain will sink the negative campaigning circus in American politics forever. Maybe. Then again, there’s always a horse’s ass like Karl Rove ready to accept the title of Most Reviled Living American as long as a jaundiced agenda makes headway. To see this tiresome effort collapse and be roundly condemned by our citizenry is both fresh and an endorsement of the Obama method of “stick to the issues.” Now, I just hope that Obama has the strength to turn this sinking ship around. I hate to compare Bush to Nero, but if the sandal fits… 


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