Meddlesome Utah

Forget about working within- Mormons have spent a fortune to try and pass the hateful Prop 8 here in California. Out of state forces of darkness wish to deny the right of equal marriage under the law to citizens of our fair Golden State. 

It’s time to respond, and send a letter or make a call to the state capital in Salt Lake City.

It’s time to tell Robert Redford to cancel Sundance this year in protest. Cancel it. Make them realize that they are completely out of sync with the current prevailing sentiment in this great, modern country of ours. The LGBTQ community now so prevalent in Salt Lake City needs to protest these actions by lobbyists for the Mormon Church. It’s a sin. Plain and simple, action must be taken. Our Hollywood dollars do not need to be spent in that state…not until they stop their hateful agenda against the rights of ordinary citizens. Shame on them and theirs. Clear thinking Mormons also need to contact the Church and protest. I cannot believe as a bloc they are all filled with this terrible prejudice. Let’s let sanity prevail.

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