Shackles for e mail abuse? Puh-leeze

David Kernell, the 20 year old who hacked into Sarah Palin’s email account, faces five years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. He should face probation. After all, Palin has admitted that she has sent many, many gubernatorial content emails not through her .gov address but through her personal email. Thus, she hoped to thwart a state record of her correspondence, a flagrant abuse of executive power. She absolutely deserved to be sunshined out on this illegal activity. Kernell, son of Rep. Mike Kernell of Memphis, should be let go if for no other reason than for his impossibly tussled golden locks. I predict that he will become a culture war hero and soon be interviewed on talk radio, with an eventual show on NovaM radio. We owe him a favor in posting these illegal emails to a public website so that the citizens of this great land can see what are politicians might be up to. Set him free and give him a shot on American Idol. Boy has mad skills. And I, for one, am mad at the shackles and leg irons routine: pure symbolic bullshit from our new police state.


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