Burning Man Burnout Blues

Finally decompressed from Burning Man. It was a trial coming back to the semi-real world of Hollywood. Same faces, different places. This time with clothes on, mostly. Gads what fun was had. I really, really fell hard for the Man this year. Does that make me gay?

Eleven daze on the playa, in the dust, on a fabulous mix of mind altering intake, often nekkid, in an erratic state of sexual euphoria, kissing strangers, wearing a dress or something like it, grabbing Straight Boy Butt, hanging with the cutest of Brit girls, in Glamazon garb…swilling champagne in a Mongolian Yurt during a whiteout storm that lasts for ten hours…dancing under the stars to Carl Cox for hours and hours…meeting the finest of mortals and possibly a few Gods as well…falling in Crush and out and back in again…feeling sexy and fresh in my dotage…
Gasping at Art in all its incarnations…eating gourmet foods and snow cones with equal fervor…
craving a hot shower, settling for a group splash fest. Making out with a girl…missing the adorable skinny geetar playin’ Rusky boy from Camp Delicioso last year…and my friend Andy…
More pics on myspace and on facebook search Roy Oldenkamp

One Response to “Burning Man Burnout Blues”

  1. Hey Roy – wonderful description of Burning Man! Dottage?!!!! – -you are the youngest of heart person I've ever known!

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