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A True Halloween Horror Story

Posted in Boystown, Couchsurfing, gays LA, Janice Dickinson, Kehoe, Sarah Palin on October 22, 2008 by kilroyrogers

It had to happen. With the world literally crumbling before our eyes, economies collapsing, Afghanistan reverting, icebergs melting, Sarah Palin trying to think and polls tightening, I needed a break. The pressure of every day existence, topped off with eleven hour workdays punctuated with four count em four film projects, couchsurfers, Halloween approaching, it was all becoming too much for a mere white male in the asphalt jungle. I needed an escape, and I did not want to take my drum ‘n’ bass obsessed Aussie couchsurfer Abbie out to Boystown on top of all else…

so I turned on my newly discovered cable tv system and behold! the wonder and shock and awe that is Janice Dickinson appeared in her majestic Every Day Is Halloween splendor. Once a great supermodel, now an aged kvetch, her Hollywood based reality show reminded me of why I stopped watching reality shows-and all tv- after the first season of Survivor. We watched as some not-so-attractive models pranced and preened their vacuous selves across my big screen (thank G-D I don’t have to watch this in HD! The horror!!) and flirted in that ugly house up on Mulholland that apparently no one can live in for long- a cursed mansion on the hill, done up in 90’s modern stark white, oversized and odd and looking as though it stepped out as the library from Duvalierville. Creepy, Abbie and I stared at the creature that is Angie Dickinson, misguidedly placing all her faith in her two GBF’s, the Hairdresser and the Makeup Artist. Please, Angie, fire them both. Then take a long trip around the world for UNICEF. 
By the last of the episodes, we found out that Kehoe was actually really cool, cute and straight…mostly. In this whole debacle of human misery, he comes across as the only real character of the lot. Not that I would make him Culture Minister in my administration or anything. In the final moments, Angie decides L.A. is vacuous, the models really actors and fat, and that “fashion lives in New York” (revelation #26) and ups and moves, firing the fattest and gettin’ out of town, freeing up the mansion on the hill for the next freak show of reality tv. 
I weep for the future, and I feel dirty, dirty, dirty after spending three hours on this dreck when I could have been dialing undecided voters in Nevada. Last night I made up for it with the ever-faithful Robert Osborne (nice fellah, BTW) and TCM with the original Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie. Somehow, trash culture needs the patina of age. And I don’t mean Ms. Dickinson’s kind.

The ACORN Falls Far

Posted in Acorn, Barack Obama, Karl Rove, McCain, Satan on October 16, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Wow- McCain Scandal Posse is in such overdrive, desperately seeking something to brand on Obama- and now comes the ACORN CONTROVERSY, which in reality is no scandal at all, but a self policing effort by a respected urban organizing group that has done much good. ACORN found irregularities in the ballots turned in by paid canvassers. I repeat, ACORN found the problem ballots and reported them as required by law. Does this sound like the act of some group that is trying to slide something by? I think not. Pu-leeze, let’s just not go there. Maybe this vitriol directly from the lips of John McCain will sink the negative campaigning circus in American politics forever. Maybe. Then again, there’s always a horse’s ass like Karl Rove ready to accept the title of Most Reviled Living American as long as a jaundiced agenda makes headway. To see this tiresome effort collapse and be roundly condemned by our citizenry is both fresh and an endorsement of the Obama method of “stick to the issues.” Now, I just hope that Obama has the strength to turn this sinking ship around. I hate to compare Bush to Nero, but if the sandal fits… 

Meddlesome Utah

Posted in gay marriage, Mormon, Prop 8, Robert Redford, Sundance, Utah on October 10, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Forget about working within- Mormons have spent a fortune to try and pass the hateful Prop 8 here in California. Out of state forces of darkness wish to deny the right of equal marriage under the law to citizens of our fair Golden State. 

It’s time to respond, and send a letter or make a call to the state capital in Salt Lake City.

It’s time to tell Robert Redford to cancel Sundance this year in protest. Cancel it. Make them realize that they are completely out of sync with the current prevailing sentiment in this great, modern country of ours. The LGBTQ community now so prevalent in Salt Lake City needs to protest these actions by lobbyists for the Mormon Church. It’s a sin. Plain and simple, action must be taken. Our Hollywood dollars do not need to be spent in that state…not until they stop their hateful agenda against the rights of ordinary citizens. Shame on them and theirs. Clear thinking Mormons also need to contact the Church and protest. I cannot believe as a bloc they are all filled with this terrible prejudice. Let’s let sanity prevail.

Shackles for e mail abuse? Puh-leeze

Posted in hacker, Kernell, Memphis, Nova M radio, Palin, Tennessee on October 8, 2008 by kilroyrogers

David Kernell, the 20 year old who hacked into Sarah Palin’s email account, faces five years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. He should face probation. After all, Palin has admitted that she has sent many, many gubernatorial content emails not through her .gov address but through her personal email. Thus, she hoped to thwart a state record of her correspondence, a flagrant abuse of executive power. She absolutely deserved to be sunshined out on this illegal activity. Kernell, son of Rep. Mike Kernell of Memphis, should be let go if for no other reason than for his impossibly tussled golden locks. I predict that he will become a culture war hero and soon be interviewed on talk radio, with an eventual show on NovaM radio. We owe him a favor in posting these illegal emails to a public website so that the citizens of this great land can see what are politicians might be up to. Set him free and give him a shot on American Idol. Boy has mad skills. And I, for one, am mad at the shackles and leg irons routine: pure symbolic bullshit from our new police state.

Burning Man Burnout Blues

Posted in Ashram Galactica, Burning Man, Carl Cox, gay, Glamazon, Playa, Straight Boy on October 1, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Finally decompressed from Burning Man. It was a trial coming back to the semi-real world of Hollywood. Same faces, different places. This time with clothes on, mostly. Gads what fun was had. I really, really fell hard for the Man this year. Does that make me gay?

Eleven daze on the playa, in the dust, on a fabulous mix of mind altering intake, often nekkid, in an erratic state of sexual euphoria, kissing strangers, wearing a dress or something like it, grabbing Straight Boy Butt, hanging with the cutest of Brit girls, in Glamazon garb…swilling champagne in a Mongolian Yurt during a whiteout storm that lasts for ten hours…dancing under the stars to Carl Cox for hours and hours…meeting the finest of mortals and possibly a few Gods as well…falling in Crush and out and back in again…feeling sexy and fresh in my dotage…
Gasping at Art in all its incarnations…eating gourmet foods and snow cones with equal fervor…
craving a hot shower, settling for a group splash fest. Making out with a girl…missing the adorable skinny geetar playin’ Rusky boy from Camp Delicioso last year…and my friend Andy…
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