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Compassion: A Christian Value Trashed by the Religious Right

Posted in Abortion, Alliance Defense Fund, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Churches, Democratic Party, homosexual, McCain, Republican, Tax-exempt status on September 25, 2008 by kilroyrogers

Please take a few hours to check out Religulous. Bill Maher, who can be a va-va-va voom, hubba hubba sexist prig, has put together the final word on primitive cult figure worship, er- I mean, Religion. 

Now comes word pastors, preachers, witchdoctors and soothsayers are ganging up in 22 states and preachin’ the gospel according to the Republican Party. They are endorsing McCain. The sad irony here is that the Democratic Party has always been the party of the people, the party of compassion and the party of the most devout of them all, the minority American. 

The Republican dogma of me, me, me seems decidedly…unChristian. How about the endlessly judgmental attitude of the so-called Religious Right, those that preach exclusion and condemnation? The zealots who are so hung up on abortion and gay rights issues, that they can see nothing else? Sure, we all want fewer abortions. Preaching abstinence only is proven NOT to be the way to get there. These same preachers tell us of the  sin of the promiscuous homosexual, then don’t allow them the right to marry and live a full life with a significant other. I feel most confident the rate of gay divorce will not be anywhere near the fifty per cent rate of the straight populace. Certainly lesbians will skew the statistics!

Yank the church’s tax exempt status. Tax the hell out of them, like anyone else with an agenda to foist on the American people. If they’re going to push hate…
that is not a family value. This new “pulpit initiative” is an evil device that erodes the separation of church and state. If that’s the way they want to play it, make ’em pay the price. And let’s apply those taxes to real sex education.

Plunder Asunder by Dunderhead Nigh

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Let’s see if I have this right.

Investment banks, different from regular banks, are largely unregulated, with oversight being eliminated by Phil Gramm in a Republican dollar grab. This led to the freefall, the bulk purchasing of sketchy mortgages for the quick dollar. The American people were told that home ownership was a G-D given right, and with this interest only loan, they could just sit back and watch the real estate value accrue, possibly flipping in a year or two and using the profits for a hefty down payment on another mortgage. The American Dream. Now deferred indefinitely.

According to many, the records are not public purview, and not even subject to Congressional oversight. Allegedly, many of these mortgages were repeatedly set up on paper at several companies to exaggerate their bottom line.

Now, the cat’s out of the bag. The chickens have really come home to roost, and the good ole taxpayer is to bail out these millionaires in a trillion—or is it two—sweetheart deal.

Let ‘em fail, or readjust as regular banks, so they can steal profits again out of reselling the very mortgages they frauded out the first time. If stocks tumble, so be it. Does anyone not know that the stock market is a gamble? Gambling always has a price to pay.
Let the freefall continue. Cancel the taxpayer funded bailout to the Greed Mongers.

Let the chips fall and then let’s reexamine the American way of life, where ten percent of the world’s population squanders 40% of the planet’s resources. We are becoming the obese cretins of Wall-E and it’s time to rethink all of it. In November, we’ll have a new mindset to lead the country. Someone with fresh ideas. Could he possibly, in any way, do worse than the Old Guard and their ilk? I think not: it’s a risk I am happy, elated, and overjoyed to take.