Oil, Oil Everywhere

Oil, oil everywhere…and not a drop to spare.

Instead of talk of renewable energy/alternate source energy policy, we now have both parties pushing offshore drilling for oil. Walk around Santa Barbara today, and you are certain to find clumps of crude oil on rocks and on your feet. 

As stewards of our seas, it is tragic to think we are encouraging continued oil spills by building more offshore drilling platforms. These platforms will just create more fossil fuels to stimulate global warming™ and cause even greater hurricanes and weather phenomena. It’s a vicious cycle, but I have friends and family who live off the giant circular vortex know as the Gulf of Mexico. Trust me, they do not need more trauma. 

If a complete horse’s arse like T. Boone Pickens (#1 contributor to the Swiftboat PAC) can call for alternative fuel sources, then let’s at least be smarter than he might be, billions aside. Wind is free, people. Now that the inestimable Teddy Kennedy is on his last days, the wind farms off Cape Cod might actually be built. 

The Old Guard is finished. Are you listening, McCain? Say it ain’t so Obama, that you are now in bed with the right wing dogmatics. Fisa, drilling, against gay marriage…what has happened?? I hope with all my heart, as one of your very first supporters, that you are doing Politics As Usual and saying what you must to get in office. But you are going to win by a wide margin, and this compromise is pointless and unnecessary. 

The youth of America shall put you in office. They are not being polled, as they only use cell phones and pollsters use old-fashioned land lines. I haven’t had a land line in ten years. The UNCOUNTED will affect change in this country, so let’s get busy and deal with the real issues, like civil rights for all, health care for all, and yes, dammit, the OPTION for socialized medicine. Two tiers are fine, just so everyone is covered. Who thinks there is something more important than insuring the health of our children and elderly? I thought so. 

Obama is fast on his feet. He’s agile, not  aged. He is NOT SAME OLD, SAME OLD.
Get  on the bandwagon people, and let’s influence his platform on FISA and marriage. There is no shame to reexamining one’s opinion on issues: there’s still time to cause positive  change.

GET ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!

One Response to “Oil, Oil Everywhere”

  1. Just a comment about T.Boone. He never apologized for bankrolling the despicable Swift Boat attack against Kerry but I reluctantly admire his wind power initiative; his ads are getting the word out to the masses. Even if he stands to make billions on it, it probably takes someone like him to make the harvest or wind power attractive to corp. America.

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