Don’t trust them with a butter knife

INCOMPREHENSIBLY, you can barely have pubic hair and yet still shoot a gun at people in Washington state. Yep-  LBN E-Lert tells us Pamela Almli died while reaching into her backpack on the trail in scenic forested Washington State, shot and killed by a FOURTEEN year old “hunter” during bear hunting (!) season. 

What is RIGHT with this scenario? 

This kid’s parents should be jailed.

The kid should never hold a gun again in this lifetime.
The judiciary and legislature in WA should be held accountable for her death. They are all complicit for condoning the most egregious of egregious laws ever allowed on the books in the US of A. Would WA allow 14 year olds to go into battle? What’s the difference, trusting the judgement of a child in either scenario? 
And hunting BEARS?? What? I can’t believe my eyes! Ted Nugent, you’re an asshole. The perfect choice for DICKHEAD RINGLEADER of the onerous NRA. What a bunch of shitheads.
They should all be lined up against a wall and face the fear of the bullet. Better yet, have the marksmen perched in tree hutches from 800 yards with high powered rifles doing the damage.
That’s sport. Fuckers. Don’t need a gun for fruits and vegetables. Let’s indict the NRA for crimes under the RICO act and set it under NRA’s cold, dead-like hands. Case closed.


One Response to “Don’t trust them with a butter knife”

  1. Terrible. Poor woman. Why was that area designated for hiking AND hunting? Personally, I don't know how anyone could take pleasure in the act of shooting bullets into ANY living thing – But I have no idea what should be done about the kid – apparently the most he could get is 9 mos. juvenile detention.

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