GLOW in Santa Monica last Saturday night was…

peculiar. Imagine tens/hundreds of thousands of Angelenos promenading peacefully along the famous boardwalk–er, cement walk and up to the pier, with its new Ferris Wheel and carny workers and arcade all above a tremendous plinth of sea aged wood…
Electronic blips and bleeps disguised as arrhytmic dance music permeates the perimeter, and light art installations are set like sculpture in the sand. Projections on fabric, iridescent man made jelly fish float on the sea…
Everyone is stoned. A lanky teen is asking me for acid. Parents are with their teens. Stoned.
It’s cool. Really cool. Really, really cool. The air is warm, the marine layer sporadic. 
It’s like three in the afternoon. The Benetton generations lounge on blankets on the sand, emulating the daytime weekend crowds minus the sun and sunscreen. It’s three ayem, and this bizarre tableau will go on til dawn, to be replicated again in a year. 

One Response to “GLOW SHOW a WHOA!!”

  1. Gosh, that is a lovely, poetic description. Roy, you should always write stoned!

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