Penn Jilette is not convinced about global warming…a skeptic.

Is it fascist to be skeptical and break away from the commonly held belief, to think that the prevailing wisdom might be suspect? Why, normally, Question Authority is a valid phrase, beyond the bumper sticker aspect of its’ ringing message. However, when it comes to something with such catastrophic potential as GLOBAL WARMING, well, might one think it would make sense to sound the alarm NO MATTER WHAT and get things moving in a green direction? Does Penn actually think there is no rational wake-up  call with a huge preponderance of evidence in the favor of accepting the concept? I mean, really, so we cut back on the waste we as humans spew by the trillions of tons onto our verdant landscape. As for me, one look at the North Pole is ample evidence, and DICK Cheney’s headline today of suppression of Global Warming evidence is further fodder for impeachment for the most broken down regime to ever assault our shores, a Tammany Hall clusterfuck of dogmatic demagogues that has set back humankind decades, if not centuries.  Holy hell.

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  1. Great language of outrage! So sick of this administration – when they are out there will be a robust cottage industry of whistle blowers – the rot at the center will be exposed!-stephanie

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