Swamp Thing

Having spent much time in the most peculiar of national appendages, Florida, it’s most gratifying to hear of the great success Earth Justice has had in protecting the Everglades. U.S. Sugar, facing mega lawsuit damages under the Clean Water Act has deeded 185,000 acres to Florida. This will aid in the restoration of the state’s primary water reservoir and refill for the aquifer, Lake Okeechobee, a gimongous lake who’s name in Seminole means “crystal waters pillaged by white invader for a fast buck” or something like that. 

The area has been under siege since white folk discovered it, or Ponce de Leon, if you will.
In the mid 20th century, it was the Cross Florida Canal, a shortcut route to the Gulf of Mexico that would have sheered the underground aquifer in half, and cut off fresh water from the Everglades and left it a brackish muck. 
One of the great pleasures of this life is an inner tube loll down the Ichetuckneee River in the purest water in the United States. Fresh water, a diminishing commodity and the precious stuff of life: it’s value is inestimable. This we realize, when it is gone.

One Response to “Swamp Thing”

  1. Hey Roy,Beautiful pictures of the springs – I have yet to take my yearly float down the Santa Fe – and yes I was gratified our governor pushed through the sugar cane land purchase – but I don't know if he can regain his glow after his turnabout on the offshore drilling issue – a cynical bid to be McCain's running mate. –I also hear he may be getting betrothed – maybe at Tara?!stephanie, jacksonville

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