Thoughts on Gay Marriage

So now LGBTQ&Q people from all over the states are flying in to California to get married, as residency is not a requirement here. The city hall is filled with couples, and Allegra Allison and Jerome Cleary have come up with the clever concept of turning Tara, at 1343 N. Laurel Avenue, into a wedding chapel site, for ceremonies on the great lawn to the south, the front porch, the art gardens adjacent the chauffeur’s cottage, the cottage itself, and receptions throughout. Parking of course could be on the premises for small groups and in 8000 Sunset five buildings away. How nice to walk past F. Scott Fitzgerald’s apartment and Villa d’Este on the way to Tara.

The verdant grounds of Tara are lush and mature, teeming with nature as a mini-preserve. Coyotes have been spotted on the estate, and the night owl has returned to its perch. 
Rather than board up Tara, as the city suggests under the guise of protecting its historic status, it should be set free. Read my linked article in commentary at WeHoNews for more 411. Plummer Park is dull, King’s Road Park has no real character, and Weho Park is just grass and basketball. Tara, the colonial revival mansion built on nickelodeon money from 1914 deserves to be revived- if only in the interim- as a wedding site. Later, it should become the Ivy Bottini Center for LGBTQ&Q Studies. Rolls off the tongue, n’est-ce pas?  

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