How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Never have I understood the disconnect between black and brown peoples.

Sheriff Lee Baca, Latino, running the sheriff department of Los Angeles County, offers great insight in his opinion piece in this week’s LA Times.  He states that black/brown and brown/black violence is often solely based on minority hatred, no other reason. White people don’t lose out in this scenario, so the incentive to reduce the problem is not as urgent. 
Baca talks about prison communication programs, where actual dialog eliminates the abstract hatred.
Sure, when you find there is no genuine basis for the resentment, it would naturally mutate to a basic understanding. This is universal, and would benefit the Middle East in major ways, but that’s another blog.
As a kid in the Glam Rock era, I moved from a big city to a small town: Denver to Lakeland, Florida. I was totally glittered out, with platforms, Alladin Sanesque hair, rolled up jeans, sparkly knee socks, bangles, blouses, eyeliner. In this town of conservatives, I was embraced by the artsy kids, the cheerleaders and football kids, lauded as a fresh face and treated with respect. The only exception: walking down the breezeway in my clunky wedgies, the sole black kid on campus muttered under his breath, faggot. I was thunderstruck: et tu, Brutus? The irony was not lost on me. I’ve always had minority friends, being an army brat. We always openly admired the black kids, with their Motown and Stax music, their blown out fros, their colourful clothing…we wanted to be them. We were the first wiggers. 
To hate over race is ludicrous. What’s the point? What resolution can come of it? Does one desire some  Hitlerian extermination of an entire peoples? Tragic, the thought process that this hatred entails. It can eat one alive. Is that any way to live? Look how much hispanic and black cultures have in common…from the Caribbean to the streets of Los Angeles. It’s not about guns: it’s about love. 

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