Pride In The Hood

LGBTQ&Q Pride jeez if the letters get much longer we’ll just have to call it the alphabet label. Might as well throw in MH for mostly hetero and get it over with. All types were out and much about this year at the WEHO June Gay Pride parade. In my newfound woody for the city (wha?) I participated (silly word) as a Neighborhood Watch Captain. Our theme, developed by the dynamic trio of Conrad, Allegra and William Niesch. 

I was the burglar in our theme grouping, flitting sneakily from float to float, dressed all in black and wearing a black mask over my eyes. My tank top showed off my mighty YMCA muscle collection…but wow, was I playin’ up the role in the most dramatic fashion. By the time that assemblage got near Robertson Boulevard, things became unbearable. I had been dancing about and prancing through the crowd for miles and in black in the noonday sun. I was shot, and had to sit down for quite awhile afterwards…sheesh, thought I was in great shape. Not so much, I guess. Sis Joselle was a Shopping Diva who littered and was busted…cute. 

Fun to hang out earlier in the VIP tent with the Reverend Troy Perry, his partner and the lesbian partners who petitioned to the Cali Supremes and brought the marriage equality issue forward. Yay! Just a special touch to a year of Obama and celebrations. Happy I am. No emoticon needed.

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