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Swamp Thing

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Having spent much time in the most peculiar of national appendages, Florida, it’s most gratifying to hear of the great success Earth Justice has had in protecting the Everglades. U.S. Sugar, facing mega lawsuit damages under the Clean Water Act has deeded 185,000 acres to Florida. This will aid in the restoration of the state’s primary water reservoir and refill for the aquifer, Lake Okeechobee, a gimongous lake who’s name in Seminole means “crystal waters pillaged by white invader for a fast buck” or something like that. 

The area has been under siege since white folk discovered it, or Ponce de Leon, if you will.
In the mid 20th century, it was the Cross Florida Canal, a shortcut route to the Gulf of Mexico that would have sheered the underground aquifer in half, and cut off fresh water from the Everglades and left it a brackish muck. 
One of the great pleasures of this life is an inner tube loll down the Ichetuckneee River in the purest water in the United States. Fresh water, a diminishing commodity and the precious stuff of life: it’s value is inestimable. This we realize, when it is gone.

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

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So now LGBTQ&Q people from all over the states are flying in to California to get married, as residency is not a requirement here. The city hall is filled with couples, and Allegra Allison and Jerome Cleary have come up with the clever concept of turning Tara, at 1343 N. Laurel Avenue, into a wedding chapel site, for ceremonies on the great lawn to the south, the front porch, the art gardens adjacent the chauffeur’s cottage, the cottage itself, and receptions throughout. Parking of course could be on the premises for small groups and in 8000 Sunset five buildings away. How nice to walk past F. Scott Fitzgerald’s apartment and Villa d’Este on the way to Tara.

The verdant grounds of Tara are lush and mature, teeming with nature as a mini-preserve. Coyotes have been spotted on the estate, and the night owl has returned to its perch. 
Rather than board up Tara, as the city suggests under the guise of protecting its historic status, it should be set free. Read my linked article in commentary at WeHoNews for more 411. Plummer Park is dull, King’s Road Park has no real character, and Weho Park is just grass and basketball. Tara, the colonial revival mansion built on nickelodeon money from 1914 deserves to be revived- if only in the interim- as a wedding site. Later, it should become the Ivy Bottini Center for LGBTQ&Q Studies. Rolls off the tongue, n’est-ce pas?  

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

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Never have I understood the disconnect between black and brown peoples.

Sheriff Lee Baca, Latino, running the sheriff department of Los Angeles County, offers great insight in his opinion piece in this week’s LA Times.  He states that black/brown and brown/black violence is often solely based on minority hatred, no other reason. White people don’t lose out in this scenario, so the incentive to reduce the problem is not as urgent. 
Baca talks about prison communication programs, where actual dialog eliminates the abstract hatred.
Sure, when you find there is no genuine basis for the resentment, it would naturally mutate to a basic understanding. This is universal, and would benefit the Middle East in major ways, but that’s another blog.
As a kid in the Glam Rock era, I moved from a big city to a small town: Denver to Lakeland, Florida. I was totally glittered out, with platforms, Alladin Sanesque hair, rolled up jeans, sparkly knee socks, bangles, blouses, eyeliner. In this town of conservatives, I was embraced by the artsy kids, the cheerleaders and football kids, lauded as a fresh face and treated with respect. The only exception: walking down the breezeway in my clunky wedgies, the sole black kid on campus muttered under his breath, faggot. I was thunderstruck: et tu, Brutus? The irony was not lost on me. I’ve always had minority friends, being an army brat. We always openly admired the black kids, with their Motown and Stax music, their blown out fros, their colourful clothing…we wanted to be them. We were the first wiggers. 
To hate over race is ludicrous. What’s the point? What resolution can come of it? Does one desire some  Hitlerian extermination of an entire peoples? Tragic, the thought process that this hatred entails. It can eat one alive. Is that any way to live? Look how much hispanic and black cultures have in common…from the Caribbean to the streets of Los Angeles. It’s not about guns: it’s about love. 

Pride In The Hood

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LGBTQ&Q Pride jeez if the letters get much longer we’ll just have to call it the alphabet label. Might as well throw in MH for mostly hetero and get it over with. All types were out and much about this year at the WEHO June Gay Pride parade. In my newfound woody for the city (wha?) I participated (silly word) as a Neighborhood Watch Captain. Our theme, developed by the dynamic trio of Conrad, Allegra and William Niesch. 

I was the burglar in our theme grouping, flitting sneakily from float to float, dressed all in black and wearing a black mask over my eyes. My tank top showed off my mighty YMCA muscle collection…but wow, was I playin’ up the role in the most dramatic fashion. By the time that assemblage got near Robertson Boulevard, things became unbearable. I had been dancing about and prancing through the crowd for miles and in black in the noonday sun. I was shot, and had to sit down for quite awhile afterwards…sheesh, thought I was in great shape. Not so much, I guess. Sis Joselle was a Shopping Diva who littered and was busted…cute. 

Fun to hang out earlier in the VIP tent with the Reverend Troy Perry, his partner and the lesbian partners who petitioned to the Cali Supremes and brought the marriage equality issue forward. Yay! Just a special touch to a year of Obama and celebrations. Happy I am. No emoticon needed.

Bombs Away

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates has fired the top brass in the Air Force. The U.S. Air Force has always been considered the elite, creme de la creme of military forces, so for this to take place represents a serious decline in the level of competence in our armed forces, from the top down. If we cannot secure our nuclear arsenal correctly, what hope do we– and President Obama- have for securing rogue nuclear materiel throughout the rest of the planet? Can there be a more sure sign that now is the time to decommission all warheads and revert to a nuclear-free planet? Apparently, Homer Simpson really is in charge.

Cute fellers

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Nuff said!!!

This Just In O’Billary In: McCain Out

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In a brilliant move, Barack Obama has selected dominatrix Hillary Clinton to be his sparring partner, -er, running mate in the upcoming contest for President. The formidable duo, reminiscent of such awesome teams as Batman and Robin, Starsky and Hutch and Peaches and Herb have set an agenda to rapidly take all the remaining votes-the twelve remaining votes- believed to be firmly in McCain’s camp. Plus the vote for Ralph Nader.

McCain has stepped down from the Presidential contest. 
The presumptive nominee has folded his lobbyist filled tent and scurried quietly into the night. In additional startling news, the scattered vestiges of the Republican party have already groomed several replacement candidates for the now truncated campaign, including Bo Derek or Drew Carey as VeePee choices and either new NRA spokesidiot Ted Nugent or the animated corpse of Charlton Heston as the Man In Charge. Rupert Murdoch refused a draft pick, stating that changing the law to include foreign-born despots would take more weeks than even his fortune could muster. The Democratic Party has pledged to return all remaining election donations and urged the electorate to “Party Like It’s 1999”.