Too Much Too Late

Wow- so here it is, cloudy and wet-ish in L.A. for the Memorial Day weekend, allowing for a burial in books and magazines and now, that I have two cool dudes coming to stay for the summer, I went ahead and got cable tv. Figger this will keep them immersed in US cultcha for awhile. This should be an amazing summer time. Gonna hang with Daniel from Bavaria and Marc from Switzerland. As always, I will feel compelled and actually enjoy showing them a good time here in the states. Our image is so fractured and troubled now, I feel I should in fact host the entire planet sans the United States so I can do my part to turn our image around again. Especially the French, who we did a grave disservice to with the Iraq “coalition”. Remember Freedom Fries? Sometimes we can be such idiots. The French are the reason we are here today!

Gawd, give us Obama and a chance for redemption.  BO, make me veepee. I will be your ambassador and keep the heat off your tail. I will travel the world and win over even the most obstreperous of nations. I will change the way the world views us, not as the most wasteful nation on earth but as the most innovative of countries, loving, caring, giving and concerned for all of humankind. Then I’ll push for funding of Planned Parenthood the way it should be done, and perhaps we can reduce the world population to a manageable level. After all, the subtext of virtually every issue before us today is overpopulation, from famine and food prices to overfished oceans and rivers to oil scarcity. Let’s look and act macro so we can repair micro. 
Time to roll up our sleeves and get busy, Mr. President.

One Response to “Too Much Too Late”

  1. I like your post today, Roy. This afternoon I was thinking along the same lines; wondering why the Pope or the church for that matter should even HAVE a no-birth-control mandate – seems so absurd! At the same time wondering what the Dalai Lama says about BC, if anything. (Growing up Catholic I always revered the Popes until Benedict.)

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