Freeway of love

It’s stormy and rainy and tornado-ey here in So Cal and everyone is geared up to escape, be it a good book and snug covers or a trip to Yosemite, a screening at the Cineramadome of Indy, or a parka picnic at El Matador. Lots of folks are going shopping, everything is marked way down, and those IRS checks are out and cashed. Folks are so tired of Clinton/Obama/McCain that anything seems more interesting. Even though Prop 98 might destroy California as we now know it, we will all merrily go along and try and forget work and politics for at least three days.

Then, the grind continues. Movies to market, last minute trailers to go out, radio spots and tv to create, political points to make, dates to make and break, you know: another day in paradise.

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